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25 Best Desi Food Restaurants in Lahore

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Spice Market, MM Alam, and DHA 6th Phase

Let’s talk a bit about Best Desi Food Restaurants in Lahore – where Spice Bazaar tops our list Spice Bazaar is a beautiful restaurant near MM Alam Road that serves Pakistani food with our signature spices! From Malai Botti, lamb chops, and handi chicken to parathas and freshly made bread. You can quench your thirst for amazing foods!

The Spice Market also offers afternoon tea between 3 pm and 7 pm throughout the week. So be sure to give it a try. You will find a mix of Chinese and Indian food with all the salads, gol gappa, and a dessert counter! engineerontheroad

Wasabi Gulberg and DHA Phase III

Don’t get us wrong, Best Desi Food Restaurants in Lahore are not trying to entice you to eat sushi. But if you haven’t tried there’s a lot you’re missing out on! Wasabi is a Japanese restaurant that offers a variety of sushi rolls and fresh teppanyaki creations at reasonable prices. Having breakfast at Wasabi might be a good idea. We can safely say that Wasabi has the best breakfast in Lahore! The kitchen is simply built. in line with Japanese beliefs and traditions

Sumo DHA Phase 3 and Gulberg

Sumo has to be at the top of every list with its beautiful interior and distinctive taste of the food. They have a variety of Japanese fusion dishes. And although it may take you a few minutes to get used to the taste of garlic and soy sauce, it may soon become one of your favorite places to eat out in Lahore!

Best Desi Food Restaurants in Lahore with fresh sushi rolls and fresh teppanyaki cooking. The sumo experience never disappoints. Be sure to try the California Dynamite Roll and Beef Teppanyaki every time you come! Sumo has a restaurant in Gulberg and DHA Phase III. luckymuttsanimalrescue

La Vista DHA Pasta Phase II

in the end! Lahore has a place, especially for pasta! So we’re calling all pasta lovers – if you want to try great pasta, La Vista Pasta is the place to go. From Alfredo pasta to gnocchi and even pizza. Your Italian pasta and pizza dreams come true here. Very cozy little place. So you will enjoy your time with light sound as well. And you won’t miss the cheese and strawberry sauce!

Bamboo Union Mall One and DHA Phase V

Another Asian fusion restaurant added to our list. You can tell our love and Lahore’s love for Asian fusion food! Bamboo Union serves delicious meals in an Asian-inspired restaurant. Ready to serve a big set and unique sticky rice even if you want to add garlic you can ask for Pad Thai. Chicken in garlic sauce or just Manchurian chicken And the rush of flavors will make you fall in love with Bamboo Union Restaurant located in Gulberg, opposite Mall One and on the 5th floor of DHA.

Veera 5, DHA Phase V

Veera5 offers an authentic Chinese and Thai culinary experience. We recommend trying the Green Curry and Orange Sesame Pulp to spice up your taste buds and eat something other than the usual Asian offerings! With so many pan-Asian restaurants in Lahore, Veera5 stands out with unique flavors and atmosphere, located in DHA Phase 5, you can’t put your taste buds through the torture without trying it here!

Chinese and Thai Yum Gulberg and DHA Phase III

Calling Chinese lovers here! Yum – as the name suggests there is a lot of yummy Chinese food served in the restaurant! Best Desi Food Restaurants in Lahore with a Chinese-inspired interior and a Chinese flair. This is the perfect place to enjoy your Chinese nightlife. It started with hot and sour soup. Enjoy fish crackers then order dried chicken beef. Or even grilled shrimp chicken with egg-fried rice – or if you like cumin, man oh man! Yum has the best Chinese food as well.

What you ask for will be the best you’ve ever had – don’t be shy! You will have a wonderful dining experience at Yum! China and Thailand. Yum, Chinese and Thai are located in Gulberg and DHA Z Block.

Sashas, ​​Mall One

Sashas is a complete and amazing restaurant. That you can eat and enjoy whatever you like! Salads and soups for appetizers, pasta, burgers, paninis, and hey, even Thali’s special menu will make you fall in love. Everything on the menu is delicious. And the atmosphere of the shop is as well you can dine at Sasha in Gulberg next to Mall One.

Fuchsia Restaurant, Hallie Gulberg Road

If you are a fan of Pan-Asian food, you will love Fuchsia Restaurant as the name suggests. The kitchen is wrapped in fuchsia, from the interior and décor to the sofas in the outdoor garden. Everything makes a beautiful pop-up! Fuchsia Restaurant is known for its Chinese and Thai cuisine. Probably our favorite. Cashew Beef and Chicken with Crispy Honey. You can try your taste buds and try their bunny work. If you want to try something a little different, Fuchsia Restaurant is located on Hali Street in Gulberg.

Mandarin Restaurant, Gulberg, and DHA Phase III

Mandarin Restaurant is a partner of Asian Sumo Women. Because that’s what Mandarin Restaurant is, as you might have already thought. Give your taste buds an authentic Chinese food experience tailored to your taste. They have the best shrimp in town. The perfect blend of trendy Chinese interiors and friendly service as well as Mandarin Restaurant has a high tea session between 3 pm and 7 pm – and a high tea experience not to be missed!

The Polo Lounge, Lahore Polo Club GOR

Polo Lounge, yes, is one of the nicest restaurants in town. The interior is strikingly white. But one of the reasons everyone chooses to eat out. Thanks to the large pool area you can observe from the restaurant window. This place is quite mesmerizing during the day, invite your friends over and go out and enjoy the atmosphere and enjoy Mongolian chicken or garlic seafood! Both dishes were delicious, Polo Lounge is located at Lahore Polo Club, GOR.

Rina, Gulberg Restaurant, and DHA Phase III

Best Desi Food Restaurants in Lahore started as a bakery and is now an entire coffee shop, Rena’s Restaurant is a lovely blend of modern cuisine with lovely interiors – attracting young people from all over the world! Rina’s restaurant has a very unique flavor, both food, and desserts, our favorite things to order here are bawls – probably the best basis in Lahore! No one can do it as Rina does.

For dessert, Nutella caramel slices are the best choice. But if you want to try something different try the fried cheese and ice cream confused? Fried cheese? and ice cream? How good it is, you have to try it to see how good it is! Rina is in her third stage of DHA and Gullberg.

Arcadian Café, Emporium Mall, and Package Mall

Arcadian Café provides a very pleasant atmosphere. A restaurant with few blue lights, dim lights, and generally a good atmosphere. It’s a nice place for dinner. Or even continental food! Oh, their drinks and desserts are to die for – we can’t stress enough how delicious the lava cake is! Highly recommended whenever you go. You won’t be disappointed.

Gaia Japanese Fusion, DHA 5th Stage

Gaia has a very modern interior. Inspired by art and lighting their drink bar is a special pop in their atmosphere! Gaya serves excellent authentic Japanese food. Their sushi is fresh and the menu gives you plenty to choose from. Our other favorites are Chicken Teriyaki and Black Cod! The way Gaia Black Code was created, I’m sure no one could.

Cosa Nostra, Gulberg DHA Phase III

Cosa Nostra is the place for OG to go out for a nice lunch. and hang out with your friends after a while! With a warm atmosphere comfortable and friendly it is always good to eat here. and enjoy your company with delicious food. You can taste great Italian food. So order now! Salads, pasta, burgers, and paninis have it all here.

The Pantry, Mall One, and Package Mall

Pantry by Polo Lounge is where you go for a light meal or when you don’t want to spoil yourself too much – well, is that right? You need to go here all. time! The pantry has an exceptional selection of salads. which is not normally available in other restaurants. That’s their specialty. And of course, the thin crust pizza is not to be missed! Whenever you visit the Pantry be sure to try both of these and end it all with their cheesecake. Everything will be worth it! You can visit The Pantry by Polo Lounge when you are at Package Mall or Mall One in Gulberg.

The Lucknow, Hotel Avari

Lucknow is a culturally rich cuisine that takes you back to the subcontinent era. and let the taste of your food go back to that time. It feels royal just eating there. The server always gives you the best. To experience the true taste of Lucknow, you should definitely have their biryani, their murgh pulao, butter chicken and parathas are the best you can get in the whole town! You can experience this fine dining experience with Lakhnavi at Hotel Avari Lahore.

Coco Cubano, Gulberg

Coco Cubano is the first store in Lahore to serve authentic Mexican food, and of course, if you are in the mood for a good twist or TACOS, Coco Cubano is the place to go! They have a variety of foods. But of course, their tacos are famous. Fish tacos are something we recommend trying. The whole vibe of the restaurant is extremely Mexican. With ink and paintings everywhere. Upbeat music and her yard create the perfect atmosphere for good friends to hang out with Best Restaurants in Gulberg Lahore!

Dampok, Pearl Continental Hotel

Dampukht literally means “breathing and cooking.” How do you feel after dining here? With traditional cooking methods of hand preparation, the meat you taste here will taste the best you have ever tasted. Our cultural and traditional dishes from the subcontinent are already loved by everyone. That’s why we honestly recommend you to try Till Mill Jheenga and their grilled dishes. You won’t be disappointed – you’ll love the spices and flavors instead!

Fujiyama, Hotel Avari

The first Japanese restaurant in Lahore, Fujiyama offers a uniquely Japanese experience at Avari Hotel, Lahore, the interior is inspired by Japanese bamboo. All servers are dressed in traditional Japanese clothes. and the statues at the entrance reflect the Japanese culture they are trying to cultivate.

Fujiyama offers a fresh teppanyaki culinary experience. Because juicy meat is cooked in front of you. You can order their specialty sushi rolls and enjoy! This place is definitely a place you should visit especially on a date night.

Bovinos Steakhouse, DHA Lore

Do you think we forgot the steak? No! Cooked to your preferred temperature, Bovinous Steakhouse will wow your taste buds as the most tender meat melts in your mouth. Served with a side dish of your choice all meat lovers will have Bovino as their next favorite! And if you don’t like beef, no problem. There is a variety of chicken dishes for poultry lovers too. Bovinos is located in DHA Lahore.

Nisa Sultan, MM Alam Road

Are you a fan of Turkish food? Then we have the perfect place for you! Nisa Sultan is known for its authentic Turkish dishes. So you don’t have to go looking for the best donuts in town! Just head to MM Alam Street, find yourself a table, order a few glasses of hummus, a roll of bread, and a fizzy drink, and enjoy!

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