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4 knives Are A Must-Have In The Kitchen

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Welcome. Based on a recent question from our client. We decided to create an article on the topic “4 indispensable knives in the kitchen”.

It is always recommended to use a quality product in the case of kitchen knives as we use them every day and it is a dangerous tool. It is not worth saving a few euros by buying everything in the store by the hundreds or by taking advantage of the “cheap” in a large area. After all, it is more expensive because it does not cut well and does not last as long as a good knife. So soon we will have to buy other knives. And that’s a risk, not to mention the risk of running into a sharp knife. Because more force will be used, the risk of accidents will increase.

It’s Not Always Expensive To Get Quality

Quality is not always expensive Damascus manufacturers such as knife and Knives can source good knives. In good condition and in perfect condition can be used for a long time. I recommend our previous article where we gave you some basic kitchen knife care tips.

We already know how to care for knives. Now is the time to find out which knives are indispensable in the kitchen. Let’s start with the most important.

1. A kitchen knife Or Chef’s Knife

This is an essential utility knife. The average size of its blade is about 15 to 20 cm. It is used for cutting vegetables, meat or fish.

Recently, many chefs have opted for the santoku knife, which is the Japanese version of the chef’s knife. With a wide blade that makes it easy to lift the cut product from the board. In this second article, we will discuss the features and quality of Santox knives.

2. Clean, Peel, Or Lace The Knife

In this case, it is a small knife with a blade no longer than 10 cm for peeling and cutting into small pieces. But cutting in the kitchen is more accurate.

3. Serrated Knife Or Bread Knife

As the name suggests, this type of knife, because of its serrations, is a special model and is mainly used for slicing bread or cake. It is also great for other foods like pineapple. Try.

On the other hand, we must always remember that bread crust destroys the edge of a toothless knife. There is a slight slip involved which is dangerous, we recommend using a serrated knife for this.

4. Pork Or Salmon Knife

It is a versatile knife that can easily cut pork, salmon, carpaccio, or sashimi into thin slices.

From your experience, would you add to this basic set of 4 knives?

You can leave your comments below.

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