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4 Simple Steps to Use Soap with a Pressure Washer

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Arslan Shah
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A pressure washer makes cleaning easier, especially when it comes to removing accumulated dirt and stains. You can use pressure washers for your car, window and other outdoor cleaning jobs.

Many of these tasks cannot be solved by water and a pressure washer. Here is where soap comes in. The question is, can soap be added to a pressure washer? Definitely! If the soap attachment is available for your pressure washer.

Here’s a quick guide to using soap with a pressure washer.

Step-by-Step Guide for Using a Pressure Washer with Detergent

How to prepare

  • Soap to pressure washer
  • Solution container
  • For pressure washers with no siphon tube built in, use an injection tube
  • Pressure washer
  • A low-pressure soap nozzle

Step 1 – Pic/make cleaning agents for the pressure washer

The question now is: Can you use soap in a pressure washer?” It will not work.

When choosing the best car wash soap for your pressure washer, there are three things you should keep in mind:

  • Only use pressure washer solutions that have been approved and formulated for use with pressure washers.
  • Look for the words “For high-pressure washers” on the soap solution’s label.
  • Bleach-based cleaning agents can cause damage to your pressure washer as well as the surfaces being cleaned.

But, some people might find it too costly to buy certified pressure washer detergents. This is why some may wonder whether they can make their own pressure washer soap.

It is possible to use laundry detergent with a pressure washer if it is phosphate free. Mix your DIY pressure soap by mixing:

  • Water
  • A bleach-free detergent
  • One cup of vinegar

Step 2 – Pour the soap solution in your pressure washer.

After you have made your soap, you need to determine what type of pressure washer it has. It is important to know if the soap tank is included.

  • Dewalt pressure washers do not include a soap dispenser attachment. You will need to purchase one.
  • Simpson pressure washers come with a siphoning tube that can be attached to the machine to extract detergent from the washer.

As follows:

  • If the soap is concentrated, dilute it with water. You can also pour the soap straight into the tank. It is ready to use immediately. To determine the best method, you can refer to the product label.
  • After the siphoning tube or injection tube is attached to the pump, secure it.
  • Attach the tube’s other end to the soap solution container/tank.
  • Attach the black low-pressure attachment to the end of your pressure washer so that it can drain the detergent and get started cleaning.

Step 3 – Clean with a pressure washer

To ensure that dirt doesn’t get to the top, clean vertical surfaces from top to bottom.

To avoid streaking, however, you will need to clean with a pressure washer that uses detergent.

Step 4: Rinse Off Detergent Using Pressure Washer

You should note that detergents take around 10-15 minutes to render before they are absorbed.

You can now pressure wash the surface to get rid of the soap. You can now turn on the high-pressure mode of the nozzle and drain all soap residue.

Pro tip: Rinse your hair in the opposite direction. To avoid stripping, work your way up and down.


Pressure washing will make cleaning easier. These steps will show you how to use soap and a pressure washer to clean surfaces better.

Choosing the right soap is important and not just any soap solution. Also, consider the pressure washer used and the direction you should clean to avoid streaks. Have fun cleaning!

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