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5 Most posh areas of London for exclusive shopping

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London is well known as a shopping destination and therefore, visiting London without any shopping is like visiting Paris without having a view of the Eiffel Tower- missing the part of a place. Whether you are a shopaholic or you like to keep your attire simple, you can never go wrong with shopping in London. So, as soon as you plan to visit London, don’t forget to keep a budget for shopping. Since London jewellery is also popular you can grab a ring from a variety of wedding rings london There are numerous famous department stores and a multitude of luxury boutiques waiting for you. Let’s see some of the posh shopping destinations in London.

Oxford Street

Oxford street is one of the poshest streets in London. The street has got a chock full of stores and shops that suit every budget and taste. Many can arguably say that Oxford Street is the best and the busiest shopping street in London. So, if you are heading towards Oxford Street on the weekend be prepared to manage your way from the crowd of people. With a plethora of clothing stores that shall soothe you shall also get to reward your taste bud with cafes and restaurants. You can easily spend an entire day shopping in oxford street.

Bond street

If you wanna take a shopping experience in Bond Street, be prepared from before as your shopping experience can put a big hole in your wallet. Bond Street is home to the most luxurious brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, and Cartier. These brands can surely make you spend hundreds of pounds. If you are a brand-conscious person and a fan of luxurious brands then this place is for you. Shopping in Bond Street shall also come with an added advantage of getting a chance to glance at the celebs. Bond Street consists of two areas. Old bond Street and New bond Street. These places are so bright and sparkly that you will feel like it’s daytime even at night.


Knightsbridge is one of the poshest neighbourhoods of London. It is famous for its retail district. You will find the high-end department stores and the best boutique stores in this area. What’s more, you keep walking and you can find Harrods-The most famous among all. Harrods is a huge iconic department store that is draped in flags and you just cannot miss the store. A visit to Harrods shall be one of your best experiences for sure.

Westfield London

It is an American-style shopping mall, so you can expect everything you get to see in a mall which includes food, theatre, and stores, under a big single roof. If the weather is not in your favour and it’s going to rain, then shopping in Westfield keeps you dry without compromising your shopping experience. You may be surprised to see that more than 300 high street retailers and luxury brands reside in the Westfield shopping mall.

Kings Road

It was the 60s and 70s when the area came to life. Now, you can find high street regulars, fashionable boutiques, interior design stores, and designer shops here. This place is also for high-end customers, so enter the shops only if you are prepared before.

You can also do jewellery shopping from Hatton Garden where you will find a huge collection of engagement and wedding rings made of lab grown diamonds which shall soothe your pocket.

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