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Now it’s like boring stuff to see people fighting with another to get the title?, is a website that provides a perfect platform to experience a skilled cock fighting match. A WPC tournament is referred to as Wpit18, and a WPC is short for World Pitmaster Cup. In this tournament, each human comes with their cocks and the fight between the two roosters’ parties will continue till the individual with more chickens left in the pit will be declared the winner. In the Philippines, this game is totally legal and people can take part in the game with their roosters. 

This game offers a real battleground experience in which roosters will fight with other roosters till death and the participants with the most roosters alive will be declared the winner of this battleground. The killing factor makes this game more horrific and inhuman. 

Apart from the Philippines, this game is banned in every country. In the Philippines with this game people used to earn money without any such efforts. 

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Steps for Registering Online to Wpit18

What Are the Process of the Wpit18 Live Event?

Is Legal and Safe in 2022?

Procedure For Registering and Login The

Are you interested in gaining some experience with this game? If yes then you are at the right place. To play this game you have to register yourself first. We are providing the steps which will make you understand how you can easily register and log in yourself with the website.

  1. Open the Wpit18 website with this link in your web browser.
  2. To register yourself to take part in live events, click on the option CONTACT US.
  3. You have to contact the officials via WhatsApp, Viber, and messaging apps.
  4. After consulting the officials, you will get your username and password to log in to your account successfully.

In case you are an existing user then you have to,

  1. When you open the Wpit18 login page, you’ll see the Wpit18 dashboard.
  2. Once the page will load you have to enter your username as well as password to log in to your account.  

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Advantages of

How To Register on Wpit18 Dashboard?

How To Manage Profile on

What is

How To Register Yourself as an Agent on

don’t want to play this game as a player? Still, want to make money out of it? Don’t worry on the website you can also register yourself as an agent. If you are interested in this role then follow these procedures.

  1. Open the Wpit18 website with this link on your web browser.
  2. On the website, you will get an option about  An agent role.
  3. Now apply for the Agent role.
  4. Once you get the title of an Agent, now visit on the social media platforms of and search for “ agent hiring” to earn.
  5. Now, select the payment mode via which you will accept money.

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Why Wpit18.con is Famous in the Philippines?

What Are the Advantages of

How To Recover your Forgot account Password?

Reviews About

Logically this game involves both gambling and cruelty which make this game nonsense stuff to carry on. Let us suppose now you are a Wpit18 master agent and earning money regularly, but your job is completely associated with gambling and betting, which are not exactly acceptable in our society.

This game shows inhuman behavior as well as promotes violence in society. Hurting and killing animals for pleasure and money must be stopped.

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