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An Essential Post to Prepare Yourself Before Getting a Rabbit Tattoo

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In the United States, tattooing is the only approved and suitable method for identifying rabbits used for breeding and displaying. A rabbit’s ear can be permanently marked with a tattoo that can be read. The personal Rabbit Tattoo needs to be placed in the rabbit’s left ear for it to be eligible to compete in American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) events. An ARBA registrar must tattoo a registration symbol on the right ear.

System of Tattoo Numbers

You can utilize a variety of numbering schemes. Using your rabbitry prefix and counting up is an easy technique. Breeders may assign odd numbers to buck animals and even numbers to females. Symbols in the ears of show rabbits are prohibited, or they will be disqualified. The ID must only contain letters or numbers. Whatever method you use, maintain accurate records and save them securely.


When a rabbit’s ear is tattooed, the skin of the ear is pierced with the Rabbit Tattoo digits’ needles using a plier-style tattoo tool. The tattoo tool is pressed on the skin with the ear wedged between the digits and the rubber backing pad. The fingers must enter the ear entirely. Next, the puncture holes are rubbed with ink. As the puncture wounds heal, the ink gets permanently set in the region within the skin tissue, making the tattoo readable and long-lasting. Pen-style tattoo tools come in many different brands, but they take longer to use than plier-style tattoo alternatives.

Items Required

  • Tattoo pliers
  • Alphabet and number pins
  • Ink (preferably black)
  • rubbing alcohol
  • cotton swab
  • Towel paper
  • Q-tip
  • a little flashlight
  • Towel
  • antibiotic cream (such as Neosporin)
  • a helper (to hold rabbit)

Tattooing Area Preparation

Find a place that is calm, spacious, and well-lit.

To make the rabbit feel comfortable and prevent slipping, use a table covered with carpet or anchored with carpet squares.

The Rabbit Tattoo artist and the person holding the rabbit should both find the table at a comfortable height. Tattoo tables may be made from grooming trays.

Provide a space for the tattoo supplies on or near the table so that they won’t fall over and the ink won’t leak.


The kits often resume their normal playtime in their enclosure after an incident. Wait until the ink is absorbed in the rabbit’s ear before wiping off any extra. Within a week of getting tattooed, rabbits are proficient at cleaning the leftover ink out of their ears. Rest assured that the ink is not poisonous. Check your ear for the first several days to ensure the tattoo is healing properly. Apply antibiotic ointment if you see any redness. A good tattoo will remain distinct and readable for the duration of the rabbit’s life.

Extra Precautions

  • Ears that are overheated in rabbits can cause profuse bleeding. If the ear is hot, submerge a cloth in cold water, press off the excess moisture, and then apply the cold towel to the ears until they are cool.
  • Make sure the ear is straight and has no folds before tattooing it. tattooing tools with the 
  • To clean the tattoo pliers and utilized digits before inserting digits for the next rabbit, dip them in isopropyl alcohol.


With these considerations in mind, you are ready to get your show Rabbit Tattoo safely.

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