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An Ultimate Guide To Black Flowers That You Can Use For Gifting Purposes!

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The black flower is both a place in nature and the oldest. They are mysterious and can add a spark of imagination to floral arrangements. Black is a rare color that represents gloom and mystery. This color cannot be found in nature, so it must be manufactured in a laboratory. Black is evasive and attractive. It also symbolizes passive energy, which is represented by the Chinese character Yin. Although black flowers are not accepted in many cultures, they are a popular addition to floral arrangements.

Black Flowers That You Can Use For Gifting Purposes

It is fascinating to see that black flowers can have both positive and negative connotations. Although black flowers are often associated with rebellion and rage, they can also be associated with elegant and chic events like black-tie parties. Here are some stunning black flowers that you can use in your bouquet. They will stand out and make your arrangement shine.

Take cognizance that not all of the black flowers are listed. These flowers may have a darker hue to them, so they are included in this group.

Bat Orchid

You are looking for something different? This flower is a combination of a deep crimson color and a midnight black hue. The flower has dangling whiskers that give it an alien appearance. They are fascinating, and if used in a bouquet to surprise your dear one, they can astonish them surely.

Black Dahlia

This stunning bloom is rich in crimson and chocolatey. Black dahlias are stunningly beautiful and they represent commitment and eternal bond. They were the most popular flowers during the victorian era when expressing love feelings was considered prohibited. So, there was the only way for lovers to express their love was through a bouquet of flowers. 

Black Lily

Black lilies are brightly colored flowers with a dark red color almost burgundy, which looks intensely black when darkened. These flowers are not really black, but the dark red color resembles that it’s black.

Black Rose

These artificial flowers have been stained with a dark stain for a long time. The roses are turned black from the black dye, which gives them an amazing appearance. You can easily order roses online from any reputable company with their flower delivery in Mumbai services. 

Calla Lily

A dark maroon-colored Calla Lily that almost looks black is a hypnotizer. These beautiful flowers are the main attraction in any arrangement they are part of. They are stunning and an amazing sight to behold.


These flowers have the sweetest scents. These flowers are scrumptious with a reddish hue around their borders. They also have a rich reddish-black color that smells like vanilla and chocolate.

Dark Tulips

These beauties, which are dark purple, are often associated with noir themes. Dark tulips are also called the queen of night tulips. They make a perfect place in a bouquet of mixed flowers. If you wish to send flowers to Pune, or Bangalore, they are easily available.


Most hellebore species are pink or white. On the other hand, the rarer version is deep purple. This black flower is beautiful, but it can be very toxic. This perennial, which blooms in early spring, can be grown in pots. It tolerates full and partial light.


These flowers have a pansy-like look. These blossoms are a deep plum color. They appear black at night or in overcast weather, but in the sunlight, they appear as blood-red colored flowers.


You can also find this flower in black, which is a dark purple color. This variety is very popular so it is easy to find these beautiful blossoms.

Velvet Petunia

It is black in color. This petunia has a dark blue color with a night-sky-like appearance. The petals of black petunia are velvety, which is responsible for the name velvet petunia.


These black flower varieties can be grown in the garden and containers. They are well-suited for indoor and outdoor use. They bloom in spring and pair well with yellow primroses and multi-colored pansies.

Although many of the black flowers are not actually black, they can add elegance to any floral arrangement they are part of, vase display, or flower baskets. We hope this post gives you a handful of options while going for a black flower.

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