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Are You Feeling Anxiety But It Has No Reason – Let Talk About

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Are you feeling anxiety and want to know how to identify it? With that, we’ll provide you with our undivided assistance.


Although anxiety might be a feeling or a stressful scenario, you already know that some feeling anxiety can work in your favour and that you can entirely regulate your anxiety using our tried-and-true techniques.

To begin with statistics, an estimated 4% of the population suffers from anxiety illnesses such as PTSD, OCD, Schizophrenia, and others. An incredible number of individuals worldwide suffer from anxiety problems (which goes above millions).

According to 2020 estimates, around 6 million individuals in the United States experience panic attacks.

Females, adolescents, and adults in their early twenties are also more likely to have anxiety problems. This is not to say that others aren’t affected.

Many people suffer from crippling anxiety that interferes with their daily lives. However, they may believe that their concern is meaningless and will soon go away on its own. This is not entirely accurate.

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Symptoms of Anxiety

  • Difficulty with sleep (having too much or too less)
  • Hunger problems
  • Worrying constantly
  • Random headaches or stomachache (sometimes body ache)

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How To Manage Anxiety?

How To Manage Anxiety

The best course of action is to consult an expert if you feel like you consistently have free-floating anxiety that hinders your work. However, here are some recommendations for you to focus on yourself and develop management skills.

  • Talk about it with loved ones
  • Do journaling daily
  • Accept it

Treatment or Aid For Anxiety

Whether you are unable to solve the problem on your own or are unable to manage it, the best course of action is to visit a doctor at a clinic.

No matter what their illness, everyone can benefit from therapy.

Guess how many individuals obtain care despite the severity? That only amounts to 41-43% of the total. It is likely that the majority of individuals either reject understanding of their circumstances or are unable to acquire appropriate care.

Why would someone reject to get the appropriate care if offered? It’s due to the misconception that only those with mental illnesses should utilise it.


Q. How can I calm my anxiety?

Ans.Taking long, deep breaths and letting them out gently will help you focus on your breathing quickly. Additionally, while you take in your surroundings, list the five things you can see, the four you can touch, the three you can hear, the two you can smell, and the one you can taste.

Q. How long do anxiety attacks last?

Ans. Anxiety episodes can last anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes, according to studies. Now, this can change depending on the individual. In the middle of an attack, anxiety levels are frequently at their highest. For the individual experiencing it, a few minutes might feel like hours of suffering.
Make sure to check the symptoms beforehand and work on controlling them to lessen the likelihood of getting one.

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