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Avoid These 6 Mistakes and Build The Best eCommerce Website

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Arslan Shah
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If your website is very good and if it can be navigated easily, your business will not be ignored in current days. At this very point as the earth’s moving is important, the online shopping business is as important as that. Thanks to pandemics the business has accelerated very fast.

If you are able to build the best eCommerce website then, you can get the maximum advantage from it. But first of all, if you are starting your career as an eCommerce website developer you should know something about it.

What is eCommerce Design?

It is the process of creating an online store where you can identify your targeted customers and sell your product to them. What you should keep in account in order to build the best eCommerce website? (With the point of view of Design)

The best eCommerce website agencies consider Planning and Conceptualization. You may also take the help of the latest web-design trends. Don’t bother, the article is the for the same to make you understand what a “Best eCommerce website development company” does.

Before we point out your mistakes let’s tell you what are those things that a best eCommerce design has.

  • Responsive Design
  • Easy navigation
  • High-quallity images
  • Consistent design element
  • Plenty of CTAs
  • Designed with a Mobile perspective

Now here are some common mistakes that every eCommerce website designer makes.

6 Things you should avoid when you are making an eCommerce web-design

1) Low Quallity images

If the justice with images is not done properly on your eCommerce Website then no one will be compelled to buy your product. There are many people who fill their website with stock images, it will only hurt your eCommerce business’s growth. Keep that clear in your mind.

2) Consistency

If your consistency lacks it can harm you in many possible ways. Consistency is considered as your visual identity, quality of your images, and style and tone too. It is a motto that the best brands keep things simple.

Keep these things in mind.

  • Best eCommerce web design companies have a font they rely upon
  • They have a proper color palate
  • They don’t make things over-complicated

3) Pop-Ups

You think pop-ups are important. Well, yes they are in many ways, but they might be distracting and annoying for users. If you are browsing a website and if you keep getting random pop-ups it’ll be hurtful for you right?

You should not put any pop-ups of any nature during your check-out process. It is the last thing that you will do as an eCommerce website owner, that if someone’s buying from your website and you distract them from buying with your pop-ups.

No, I am not telling you to stop making pop-ups. Yes, give it to the users but in a way that they do not get distracted plus ensure that the pop-ups can be easily closed as well.

4) Customer Support

When a customer is browsing your eCommerce website you should keep in mind that the customer is supported throughout the journey. Keep in mind that people don’t like to wait for help and assistance in today’s fast world. In recent times the concept of live chats and AI chatbots have got popular. People can connect with others and get the help and assistance they need.

Also, you should offer some extra assistance and help, just in case the customer needs it. Yes, definitely it will look great.

5) Confusing user journey

You should make the customer’s journey as simple as possible. If the customer is making a purchase you should not barrier them with extra pop-ups and ads. The complicated user journey is strongly related to the high bounce rates of eCommerce websites.

If the customer is confused and can not find what they are looking for they will go to another eCommerce website, isn’t that right?

This is the reason behind your user journey should be so fine and easy plus straightforward. Without thinking it twice people should be able to navigate easily.

6) Boring visual designs

You are supposed to share an awesome brand identity with the help of your eCommerce website, it is a great opportunity. Also, it will help you resonate with your targeted audience.

You should keep your design simple. But keep in mind that there is a difference between simple and just plain dull.

You will also be able to retain a loyal customer base if you keep updating your design according to trends and sales.

From time to time the brands have made slight changes but they have kept things very consistent and that is why branding is important and great.


These 6 mistakes are done by most people when they are making a website design. Avoid these mistakes and you will find a great eCommerce website behind the curtain. Now you know what a “Best eCommerce website development company” does. They don’t just make things right, they only avoid the mistakes that come their way. Hire Web Developers For Innovative And Custom Website Development For Your Business Needs.

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