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Baileyz fencing Wood aluminum chain link, and vinyl fence solutions

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Wood, aluminum, chain link, and vinyl fence solutions, to beautify and secure the things that matter most.

Fencing Installation and Repair

Baileyz Fencing is a fully-insured fence installation and repair company in Youngstown, Florida, providing services to Bay and surrounding counties. Baileyz Fencing prides itself on using only quality materials and fence building methods for wood, chain link, vinyl, and aluminum fencing, providing a long-lasting product for our customers.

Quality Over Quantity

As a local company, Baileyz Fencing believes in doing it right the first time: one great fence at a time. Our customers are excited about the methods and materials used in our construction to enable their new fence to withstand the wind, sun, moisture, and even our area’s variety of soil types and water tables.

Trusted Experience

Chris Bailey is a third-generation fence builder and has installed and repaired hundreds of wood, chain link, vinyl, and aluminum fences. From residential to commercial and industrial, Baileyz Fencing brings the knowledge and experience to ensure your satisfaction.

What is your best price for a standard 6-foot privacy fence?

The best and most accurate way to answer this is to call us for a free estimate. Many factors need to be applied to give you an accurate quote. Along with the length of fence needed, there are other things to consider, such as the topographical changes of your property, the water tableand soil type, the number of gates needed and the width of the gates, whether you have a pool, your plans for the property, whether there is currently a fence that needs to be removed, or if there are existing plants, bushes, trees, structures or other obstacles that will need to be removed or accounted for. Additionally, some municipalities and HOAs in our area have specific restrictions on fence heights, types, and styles, and we must identify these before moving forward.

I had a fence built after Hurricane Michael, but now it’s leaning over. Can this be fixed?

This is a common question, and unfortunately not an easy answer. Many of our residents fell prey to “fly-by-night” fence companies, that “popped up” overnight and left just as quickly, leaving our community suffering from shoddy work just a few years later. The good news is some of this can be fixed, however, there is always a chance that a full or partial removal and replacement will be needed.

Who gets the good side of the fence? What are the pros and cons of fence rails on the inside or the outside?

Generally, the rails are placed on the inside for two reasons. First, this design is more aesthetically pleasing to your neighbors, and many HOAs will require this look, at least on the sides and/or the front 2, street-facing, sides of your house. Secondly, in terms of security, it is much more difficult for an intruder, or an animal, to scale the flat side, or “Pretty-side”, of a privacy fence without the secure footing of the rails.

How much will it cost to get started on my fence?

As a standard practice, once you approve your quote, we ask for 50% down to secure the materials and fit you into our job schedule.  If a contractor asks for more than 50%, this could be a potential red flag.  Once the work is completed and reviewed for your satisfaction, we ask for the remaining 50%.

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