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Bulk Zipper Pouch – Spread Brand Awareness In An Effective Manner

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There are eight reasons why companies are moving away from rigid packaging and towards flexible custom pouches: better product promotion, protection, and sales. Bulk zipper pouches have many advantages for both producers and buyers at every stage of the supply chain. Listed below are the top eight reasons why our clients love custom pouches:

Shape & Structure

When empty, a round bottom gusset pouch can be folded flat, making it the most ubiquitous type of custom pouch. Die-cut pouches might be particularly appealing to shoppers because custom pouches are commonly found on store shelves. The following are some other sizes and forms to choose from:

  • Vacuum zip lock pouch
  • Bottom gusset pouch
  • Flat bottom pouch
  • Transparent custom pouch
  • Side sealed pouch and more

Safety Of Products

In addition to protecting food from the weather, custom zipper pouches also help keep food fresh for longer because of their superior barrier control. Products can be protected from damage during shipping with films that are resistant to punctures, and many different types of specialty films are available to offer additional defense against moisture, pollutants, UV radiation, and more.

Lessening Of Expenses 

Switching to custom pouches and flexible packaging, in general, is a no-brainer if you’re looking to cut costs on raw materials.

Say, for the sake of argument, that each run of custom wholesale pouches costs 15 cents. Compare that to the folded plastic carton, which costs roughly 35 cents per unit, and you can see that this is a much more affordable option. The price of plastic jars is significantly higher, ranging from 45 cents to 50 cents. With a per-unit cost of $0.50 to $0.60 or more, metal jars are the priciest packaging option.

In a nutshell, your company’s earnings will grow by a factor of ten if you go with personalized custom pouches instead of rigid packaging.

Outstanding Visual Profile

There is a wide variety of possible pouch shapes. The custom pouches can be modified with your choice of handles, rounded corners, zippers, and windows. Create some different bag forms, then equip them with closures and carrying straps. These types of packaging bags are not only more practical but also better at satisfying consumers’ insatiable appetite for novelty. Jelly will be packaged in unique shapes, such as those of miniature school bags, to increase appeal to children and potentially increase sales.

Promoting Your Business With Custom Pouch

Have you ever packaged a product in stock bags affixed with labels or stickers? When you’re just getting started and planning to sell your product locally at places like community stores, farmer’s markets, etc., they’ll do the trick of sheltering and safeguarding your product. Even though these stock bags can be useful on a lesser scale, they will never allow you to take on the major brands in the marketplace.

With custom made bag pouches, you can increase the perceived value of your brand and assure customers that they are receiving a high-quality item. Take advantage of the ways in which matte, gloss, or clear films can draw attention to your product and set you apart from the competition.

Less volatile organic compounds are produced during the production of flexible packaging solutions because fewer materials, energy, and water are needed during production. As an added bonus, they produce fewer emissions and use less fuel than larger alternatives when being transported due to their decreased weight and smaller size. All of these factors are crucial in reducing our environmental impact.

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