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Caring for an Eclectus Parrot

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The majority of eclectus birds be part of a multi-bird family, however some birds have an inclination to become jealous. It is important to give an eclectus the fullest attention and time when you introduce it , or any other bird to your Aviary.

The eclectus is at its ideal in an aviary that is 11 feet long by 3 feet wide and 7 feet tall– particularly when you have two. Fish With Big Forehead  They love the ability to climb, fly and keep active. If you don’t have enough space to set up an aviary ensure that your cage has a minimum size of 2 feet in length by three feet in width and four feet tall.

This species could be suitable for households with children since it is gentle. They aren’t a fan to be disturbed and would prefer a quiet setting. They’re not a fan of loud and constant sounds like crying, barking, or screams. Therefore, it’s important to think about whether your family dynamics are an appropriate combination for your bird.

Common Health Probleme

The Eclectus is distinctive in that it can display toe-taps and flip its wings. This is like feather plucking which is a frequent problem when parrots are feeling neglected. If each of the above behaviors happens in an Eclectus it could be a sign of a health issue that is severe. Deficiencies in nutrition due to excess minerals and vitamins (like vitamin A) or fortified food items, or artificial ingredients, as well as eating foreign substances like beads or stress are likely causes. It’s essential to consult an avian vet immediately.

Diet and nutrition

Wild, the birds love the pomegranate, papaya, and figs. However, they’ll also eat buds, flowers on trees, as well as a handful of seeds. When they’re kept as pets their diet should consist of freshly picked fruits and vegetables, and carbs. Grain bake or cooked pasta–a home-cooked bird’s food that is specially designed to make sure they have the carbs they require.

The eclectus has a unique digestive tract that differs from the other species of birds. The bird must have a diet rich of fiber, and low fat. It is also recommended to stay clear of excessive mineral and vitamin supplements, as they can cause digestive tumors or unusual behavior.

Beware of feeding your parrots mixes that have artificial colors, flavorings or preservatives. These additives can make your dog lose his gorgeous color , and they could even be harmful to this sensitive species.

A day’s diet for an eclectus is supposed to comprise around 80 percent vegetables and fruits. The remainder can be pellets of parrots. Offer nuts and seeds as treats on occasion. Feed the bird twice per day, one time upon rising and once to two hours prior to going to bed. Give 1 cup of fruits and vegetables, and 1/3 cup of mix for parrots every time you feed.


The Eclectus are active birds, and require ample space to exercise. They must have access to large play areas as well as a bird-safe space for playing and exploring. At a minimum give them one hour of time to fly before you brea

Where can I adopt or purchase an Eclectus Parrot

The potential owners ought to spend time with various birds in order to identify the one that has a similar personality. Birds With Orange Beaks Eclectus parrots aren’t as widespread as other species and you might have look for a specialist pet store or breeder.

Breeders usually sell eclectus parrots that range from $1000 to $3000. Online rescues, adoption agencies and breeders where you can locate eclectus birds include:

Kfast, and an additional hour of time to fly prior to dinner.

It is also important to give the birds with a variety of perches made of various sizes and materials, to ensure that their feet stay well-maintained. A swing, a climbing ladder as well as an assortment of toys to smash or chew will keep the eclectus entertained. More

If you provide them with enough stimulation they will can do better than most parrots in keeping them entertained even when you’re not there. More challenges provide these intelligent birds, the more enjoyable.

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