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Centricity EMR Vs NextGen EMR Comparison And Their Features

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Many clinicians are using Centricity’s EMR platform. John G. Finn M.D. is one of its early customers. He was seeking ways to improve the efficiency of his practice while still providing high-quality patient care. Finn was able to increase his staff productivity and coordinate patient care better by using the Centricity Electronic Medical Record. The Centricity EMR platform offers many benefits including increased staff efficiency, decreased errors, and much more.


Doctors and other healthcare professionals in the Rowan Medical Center use the Centricity EMR as an electronic medical record (EMR). This system simplifies data entry and patient encounter recording. It also features voice recognition and handwriting recognition. The software is also compatible with mobile devices. It has an easy-to-use mobile app that doctors can use to communicate directly with their patients. Centricity EMR may not be suitable for all medical practices, despite its many features.

Centricity software allows doctors to practice medicine their way with its powerful technology. The system connects all the tools needed by health organizations in one place. This ensures first-pass claims approval and continuous improvement in care. Centricity can also be integrated with third-party applications such as practice management or revenue management systems. The easy interface and customizable functionality of Centricity allow doctors to seamlessly integrate existing systems.


Centricity EMR costs significantly more than a typical commercial software license. This price includes upgrades, customizations, and troubleshooting. The software also comes with free support. We will be discussing the pros and cons of each type of license. You’ll also learn about the drawbacks and benefits of each.

Centricity EMR is slightly more expensive than other healthcare solutions. There are three subscription levels: Professional, Basic, and Enterprise. You can choose from a subscription that includes data migration, customization, and training, depending on your requirements. Upgrades and hardware will be available for your system. You will need to pay separately for upgrades and additional hardware. These costs can be prohibitive and not always necessary.

Compatible programs

Centricity EMR software has many features that can be used to manage a medical office. Some users may have existing systems, processes, and ideas that can be used to improve their practice. These integrated programs can simplify, modernize and automate your practice’s operations. Both NextGen EMR and Centricity EMR can be used with a wide range of operating systems. This is a comparison between these programs:

The flexibility and customizability of Centricity EMR are a benefit. The software profile provides more information about the features and prices. It also has an intuitive interface. This is a benefit for doctors who run their own practice. Centricity EMR software can also be used with many revenue management systems in US healthcare facilities. Doctors can customize templates to suit their individual needs.


Centricity’s reporting system is a major problem. It may work well for large academic institutions, but it is not suitable for modern medical practices. Centricity users complain that not all features work as well as they want. Users also complain that Centricity doesn’t seem as interested in improving its software. The question is: Should you buy Centricity?

Centricity EMR offers clinical tools as well as documentation tools. It allows physicians to communicate with patients via the internet. It reminds doctors when they are due to visit the doctor and can help them provide better care. These are just a few of the many features that Centricity EMR offers. Make sure you read the entire feature list before purchasing it. You can use the software from any computer with an internet connection.


Centricity EMR is an integrated system that can be used by larger medical practices. It can be used on both tablets and smartphones and combines financial and clinical management. It can also be integrated with various imaging and medical devices. Centricity’s focus on patient outcomes makes it ideal for practices that want to benchmark themselves against other practices in the area and improve their overall performance. It includes features such as appointment scheduling, revenue cycle management, and simplified patient information.

The Message Center has been improved in this latest version. First, Email has been changed to Patient as the default message type. The New Message menu has also changed the order in which the message types are displayed. Centricity EMR 9.8 & CPS 12 now support SMPP. These updates allow you to finally use this amazing new EMR system. Apart from the new features, Centricity EMR is improving its customer service.

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