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Complete guide on frosted or frosted vinyl for companies

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Vinyl If you are looking for ideas to decorate office areas or commercial premises that have glass divisions, without a doubt the perfect material for this is frosted vinyl or frosted vinyl.

We have prepared a complete guide for you with everything you need to know if you want to carry out this renovation using frosted vinyl:

Table of Contents

Frosted decorative vinyl is an adhesive film with a semitransparent granule-like texture; Very similar to the texture of glass that has gone through a sandblasting process, this consists of etching or grinding the glass with a sandblaster.

The difference between the traditional way of sandblasting and using frosted vinyl is that you can change the design as many times as you want, without altering the glass, since this Privacy Frost Vinyl can be easily removed.

Frosted Vinyl Types

There are two types of frosted vinyl on the market, you can choose between them depending on your requirements or the design you have in mind.

Plain or die-cut frosted vinyl:

Die-Cut Frosted Vinyls | Malls

Frosted Vinyl | Offices

Printed Frosted Vinyl

This type of frosted vinyl has the particularity of allowing color printing, this option is ideal if you are looking to visually enrich your office with a colorful design.

They are also an excellent idea to take care that your corporate colors are present in each space of your company.

Printed Frosted Vinyl | Offices

Frosted Vinyl | world map decoration

Uses and advantages for the business:

Discover the benefits and the different ways in which you can use frosted vinyl in glass decoration in your company.

Corporate identity:

Many architects and designers have opted to use large glass to separate spaces, taking into account that the modern corporate world has adopted the concept of transparency in its brand construction.

In this way, those glasses will become a blank canvas in which you can communicate all the personality of your brand, in a creative and practical way.

One of the main advantages of frosted vinyl is that it allows you to gain privacy without preventing the entry of natural light, adding personality and creativity to the decoration.

This is why frosted vinyl is a perfect alternative to achieve a modern, communicative, practical, and, above all, functional decoration. I share some ideas that I thought were great and that will surely inspire you.


However, you can take advantage of glass divisions to sign in a creative and modern way.

Signage Modern Offices | Frosted Vinyl

This material allows you to play with a variety of shapes and colors, making your signage part of your decoration and becoming a new channel of communication. You can use this frosted vinyl to indicate to your employees or clients where to find emergency exits, bathrooms, or cafeterias and indicate important areas of the company.

Low costs in renovation of spaces:

Renewing the decoration of glass with frosted vinyl is very simple. It is not necessary to suspend work during the installation, much less should you worry about hiring specialized services, since it is not necessary to disassemble these structures or perform special handling.

It is a matter of choosing the design that best suits the identity of your company or commercial premises and in a matter of minutes, you will have a completely renovated space. The prices of this material may vary, but the value per square meter ranges between $40,000 and $50,000, this will depend, among other things, on the design you want to work on.

Durability :

Adhesives have long durability. In interior spaces, durability is greater than 10 years, depending on the care. 

Creatinine Tip: We suggest you install it inside the commercial establishment, this will help you to facilitate cleaning and reduce deterioration.

How to install a frosted vinyl? :

Installing frosted vinyl, unlike traditional vinyl, requires additional steps. We share a step-by-step visual guide that you must follow to install these vinyl.

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