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Core BQE vs Monday Software : How to make the right choice?

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Core BQE vs Monday software requires that users look at each feature from a critical perspective. You can see both platforms in person by booking a free demo.

The market today has so many business management software options that it can be overwhelming. It is essential that they find the right option. This requires a thorough comparison. This article compares Core BQE and with regard to their features, pricing plans, and ease of use. Experts have identified the most important features of each platform and gathered opinions from real users to create an accurate representation.

Core BQE

Core BQE, a powerful project management platform, offers a variety of expense and time tracking options. BQE Software can be used to bill, assign tasks, and do accounting. It is an all-in-one platform. This software is specifically for professional service providers. It automates repetitive tasks to improve productivity. Any organization can benefit from the streamlined collaboration tools, central information database, and insightful reporting.

Highlighted Features


The accounting module allows users to create balance sheets, and balance accounts, write checks, and link bank transactions for reconciliation. Core BQE is different from Monday software because Core has all the features you need and allows you to create income statements and credit card accounts. You can also record journal entries. You can also print profit- and loss reports as well as liability statements. There are many customizable templates for accounting that can be used with the software.

Mobile Version

Core BQE is a fully functional mobile app that is available for both Android and Apple devices. It includes features such as time tracking, expense management, and client handling. It also allows users to share exact invoices via their mobile phones.

Billing and Payments

Flexible billing functions include progress billing, automatic billing, and batch or manual invoice generation. It can be used by the finance department to generate retainer, recurring, and percent completion invoices. Fixed invoice options are available with hourly and weekly rules.


The Core BQE dashboard can be customized and used to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) or other metrics. It provides all the necessary information for client monitoring, time tracking, employee performance, gross margins and earned value as well as detailed expense breakdowns that provide details about effective pay rates.

Project Management

It is crucial to discuss project management when discussing Core BQE vs. Core offers a variety of project management options, including multi-level workflows. With the new forecasting and time tracking options, submission and approval are now easier.

Time Tracking

Core BQE offers a simple time tracking system with many formats for timecards. You can choose from simple or more complex options to track vacation, time, and compensation for all employees. You can add unlimited notes to each record entry, making it comparable with a complete report.

Core BQE Pricing

Core BQE pricing plans start at $29 per user per month and include time and expense management. Although users can request a trial, there is no free option.

Monday Software

Monday Software allows users to organize, plan, and track all of their interactions from one platform. You can set up a customized workflow to allow all teams to access the same platform. It is well-known for its dashboards, which provide insight into project activities and track work progress. Multiple views are available, including chart, Kanban, and map views, files, timelines, and charts.

Time Tracking

Core BQE is a better choice than Monday software. has timesheets and time-tracking functions. offers this feature as part of its advanced pricing plans, unlike other software that treats it like an afterthought. Both project management and time tracking work together to provide greater insight into all tasks.

Software Integration

Monday software integrates with many business tools and apps with ready-to-use capabilities. The synchronization of the platform with other systems facilitates project management. Users don’t have to switch between platforms.

Project Templates

Because Monday software includes many templates, it is easy to create workflows. The customizable forms make it easy to save time and avoid starting from scratch. There are many options available for project management, campaign planning, and task management.

Task Automation

Automation features are the main reason businesses invest in project management software. With robust automation options, they can improve functionality and reduce manual work. BQE Core is better than Monday com. Custom automation can be programmed in just a few clicks.

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Ease of Use

Project management software is meant to simplify the user’s lives, not add more stress. Monday com’s interface is not the most intuitive, but it can be learned by beginners in under an hour. You don’t need to have any professional training to assist with the onboarding process.

Reporting and Analytics

Decision-makers heavily depend on data to make decisions and manage their workload. Monday software offers a variety of analytics and reporting features. It also provides a summary of all data, making it easy for users to see. Pricing Plan

Monday software has a unique pricing structure. The total cost of Monday com depends on how many users you have and what level of your subscription. Basic billing starts at $24 per user per month. This plan is ideal for groups of three or more people. Users can also avail of monthly billing at an even higher rate.


Core BQE and Monday com are two different software programs that serve their respective purposes. BQE Core is geared more towards finance and accounting, while offers cross-functional capabilities. Teams should decide on the level and type of integration and customization they require.

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