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Custom Magnetic Boxes – Key Considerations for Premium Packaging

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If you’re thinking about purchasing custom magnetic boxes for a gift or promotional purpose, there are some key considerations to keep in mind. There are numerous shapes and sizes to consider, as well as different printing and finishing options. We’ll cover each in more detail below. And don’t forget to consider the unique qualities of magnet boxes! After all, they’re among the highest-quality items available. If your purpose is to market premium products, custom magnetic boxes are an excellent choice!


When you’re looking for a premium packaging solution for your products, custom magnetic boxes are a great way to create something unique and personalized. Available in different sizes, shapes, and designs, Custom Magnetic Boxes can be flat, oblong, or square. Some even have lids. The right design can make them the perfect fit for any product logo or brand identity.

There are many materials available to create your custom magnetic box, including cardboard, chipboard, and paperboard. For a low-cost option, consider using Duplex or Bux Board paper. Other materials, such as cardstock, are environmentally-friendly and are perfect for eco-friendly packaging. You can also opt for decals, satin finishes, or leather finishes. Whatever you choose, your custom magnetic box will be a great way to promote your products and brand.


There are many types and sizes of custom magnetic boxes available to suit all kinds of items. If you’re looking for a luxury gift box, look no further than custom magnetic boxes. These luxury boxes are custom-made and produced for you specifically. They will add to your customer’s experience.

Magnetic boxes are made from premium rigid materials, such as Bux board with cardboard finish or eco-friendly kraft. They’re also designed for maximum customization, and their solid construction makes them a durable storage solution. Custom magnetic boxes also allow for inside printing. You can even include your brand’s logo or slogan to promote your products. Depending on the size of your custom magnetic boxes, you can choose the type of material and printing that will best suit your brand.

Printing Options:

A flip-top magnetic box is an elegant solution for premium packaging. It showcases a product or brand, adding value to any product. Flip-top magnetic boxes are frequently used in retail stores for selling clothing, electronics, and curated gifts. Custom magnetic boxes are highly customizable and can be designed to suit the client’s needs. Add printed stickers or tissue paper for extra luxury. With the right printing method, you can customize your magnetic boxes to meet the needs of your client.

If your business requires luxury magnetic boxes, you can have them printed with a PANTONE(r) color. In addition, you can add compartment divisions so that the items inside are separated from each other. These luxury boxes come in various sizes and colors. Whether you’re looking for a small or large box, luxury magnetic boxes are sure to satisfy your needs. With our wide range of options, you’re sure to find the one that perfectly matches your brand identity.

Finishing Options:

Custom magnetic boxes can be finished in a number of ways to give your product a high-end appearance, while still allowing for easy packaging. Several finishing techniques, including embossing, debossing, and foiling, can improve the look of your product. Leather-touch, soft-touch, and velvet finishes are also available. Choosing the right finishing process for your magnetic boxes will enhance the overall appearance of your products while increasing your profit margins.

Varnish is an additional finishing option, which is a liquid finish applied to the paper layer. This process seals ink and can be either glossy or matte. There are also several types of varnish available, including UV varnish and soft-touch varnish. Varnish is the most sustainable option, and can accommodate changes in design without additional cost. However, it is not always practical for small quantities. If your custom magnetic boxes are going to be used frequently, you should consider the cost and environmental impact of each finish option.


The most economical materials are corrugated cardboard and chipboard, but for a more sophisticated look, you can use art paper. For a custom magnetic box to look its best, consult a printing company and they will be able to advise you on which materials to use.

Personalized magnetic boxes are the perfect packaging for small, giftable items. Custom Packaging Boxes can help you present your products in an attractive and professional way, and their easy layout makes them a great choice for a variety of items. Wholesalers of custom magnetic boxes can offer lower prices than retail outlets while letting you customize your packaging to match your brand. You can also opt for a box that is more durable than other types of packaging.

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