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Dealing with ADHD and school: A guide for parents

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ADHD, or attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder is a neurodevelopment disorder. ADHD causes issues with behavior and perception. 

Children who have ADHD have problems with attention and focus. They also are more impulsive, which makes disciplining them harder. Moreover, ADHD also makes them restless and fidgety. They are also very easily bored, and inpatient. 

Furthermore, due to the attention issues, it is harder for them to perform at school. They also tend to be more disruptive. ADHD also causes them to not wait for their turn. They also find it harder to get along with others. Children with ADHD also have a habit of daydreaming. They also find it harder to remember and recall things. Their behavior also tends to be risky. 

It is due to these symptoms that ADHD is generally diagnosed when the children start school. Some can get better with therapy alone, however, others might need medication and thus a visit to the Psychiatrist in Islamabad.

Alongside treatment from the expert, parents also can follow guidelines to allow their children to perform better at school. 

Tips for ADHD at school 

Get the school staff on board 

It is pertinent that the child’s school staff be aware of their condition. ADHD is not a learning disability, and some children can perform extremely well, however, most need extra help. 

So, teachers need to give some more care. Convince them to give the instructions in an easy and concise manner, so it is easier for them to follow through. Similarly, allow them some extra time to do the work. Moreover, it also helps when the teachers repeat things often, as it is easier for the child to assimilate the information then. 

Breaks during the lesson are also helpful, as continuous learning is difficult for them to follow. 

Be in contact with the teacher

You should remain in contact with your child’s teacher. Discuss with them the issues that your child is facing, any areas where they need extra care, what learning suggestions the teacher has for them. Use these conversations to orient your child’s learning accordingly.

Make learning fun 

It helps to make learning fun, so that the child is not bored and lose attention as a result. So, try to make the instructions special. Make use of cartoons and artwork. Try to make examination fun. Involve jingles and special characters to ensure that your child enjoys. 

Reinforce at home 

To make sure that your child assimilates the things learnt at school, make sure to reinforce the information at school. Help your child understand the fundamental concepts, instead of just helping with the homework. 

Have a proper routine 

It helps to have some structure to the routine of the child. If there is no order and a changing schedule, it makes it harder for the child to follow through with the instructions. 

Hence, have a singular routine that your child must follow every day. Predictability helps them maintain order that otherwise is harder for those with ADHD. 

Do not overwhelm the child 

Understand that ADHD makes it harder for children to follow very complicated things. So, it is pertinent that you do not overwhelm them with complicated tasks and instructions. 

Simplify things for them. Overstimulation is not a good idea for them. You do not need to follow the trends other people are, you need to understand where your child lies in the spectrum of ADHD and help them accordingly. 

Also focus on their physical health 

Children with ADHD have a lot of pent-up energy. Releasing it in a constructive manner is more helpful for the child. So, ask their teachers to allow them to move about the class under the guise of help. Similarly, encourage them to move about at home and at school.

Consider professional help 

If your child is struggling a lot with their ADHD, at home or at school, you should consult their psychiatrist so their treatment can be modified accordingly.

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