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Factors to consider when choosing the Custom Candle Boxes

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Luxury candles deserve a customized gift box that reflects your brand identity. Choose from full-color printing for maximum artwork space and matte, high-gloss, or full-color aqueous coating to draw attention to your designs. For a basic, plain candle gift box, choose cardstock or corrugated cardboard. Small and lightweight candles look best in cardstocks, while heftier candles look better in corrugated boxes.

Gloss coating

Choosing the right varnish for your custom candle boxes is an important step in their overall design and appearance. A spot UV coating is a standard process that uses ultraviolet light to create an appealing sheen. This coating is a popular choice for its ability to enhance a printed logo and make it stand out among other candle boxes. However, it does come with certain limitations. The more durable spot UV coating isn’t recommended for thicker boxes.

One way to improve the overall look of your custom candle packaging is to add a glossy finish. A glossy varnish gives the packaging a polished finish and enhances the contrast between colors. A matte finish, on the other hand, adds a subtle look to your packaging. Regardless of your choice, a coating will help you make your packaging stand out from the crowd. Ultimately, the coating will help you sell more candles, and enhance your brand’s image and reputation.

Candle printed  boxes

Another way to boost your candle packaging is to add attractive add-ons to make them stand out. Foil stamping, hot-foil stamping, blind embossing, and combination embossing are popular options. Embossing also elevates the text and design and gives them a tactile effect. Spot UV adds a clear coating, while foil stamping offers metallic shine. Both options are ideal for holiday scents or similar promo products.


When choosing materials for custom candle boxes, you can look for cardboard, multi-layer cardstock, or even corrugated cardboard. Single-layer boxes work best for smaller candles, and rigid cardboard is ideal for larger boxes. Custom candle boxes can have a glossy or matte finish, or a combination of both. Depending on the product, the box may have a window or be entirely clear. Here are some ideas for custom-printed candle boxes.

When creating a custom candle box, think about your target market. Remember, your box should be just as beautiful and aesthetically pleasing as your product. Many brands spend a lot of money on color schemes, and this is a good place to start. Consider adding multiple textual contents to your box, including the product name, key ingredients, and contact information. Use quality images to further increase the visual appeal of your box. Then, consider the material that will be inside.

Candle packaging

High-quality custom candle packaging can speed up the process of purchasing and selection. Customized candle boxes can incorporate dramatic effects like gold foil paper or coatings. Candle boxes can also be designed with eye-catching patterns to catch shoppers’ attention on store shelves. Custom packaging also can be an excellent marketing tool, ensuring that your brand name is easily visible and consistent with the rest of the product. The quality of custom candle boxes will ultimately affect sales.

3D logo embossing

One of the best ways to enhance the packaging of your candles is to use 3D logo embossing. Embossed boxes not only add a sense of depth and detail, but they also protect the candle from spills and dripping wax. You can even choose to have partial or full cutouts of your logo – an extra detail that can increase the appeal of your product.

For long-term branding, nothing can beat custom packaging. Aside from offering high-quality products, custom candle boxes can also help you promote your goods in other ways. By utilizing 3D logo embossing, you can give your candles a distinctive, high-end look and increase your sales. You can even use this branding technique in advertising and other media for further branding. So, get started today!

Aside from branding your candles, you can also create a custom candle box to showcase other products, such as soaps or upscale boutiques. Custom boxes also provide protection to wax melts. With 3D logo embossing, you can highlight your logo in an impressive manner while protecting the candles from spills. If you need a gift for someone special, consider investing in a customized box for your candles.


While some candles come in attractive, plain boxes, others require unique packaging to keep them safe and distinguish themselves from competitors. Custom candle boxes offer several options for printing, including embossing and debossing to highlight your logo or scent. Embossing creates a raised effect for the text and design. Spot UV adds a clear coating. UV printing removes layers of ink, leaving the image in the clear position. It works on practically everything.

Candle packaging

In addition to printing your brand name, you can also add your logo, artificial flowers, or other accessories to your candle box to make it look more appealing and stand out in the marketplace. This will not only increase your sales, but will also enhance your brand image. Customized candle boxes allow you to customize your candle packaging to fit your unique business identity and make it look as if you have made it yourself. You can also add a short message or a personalized message that will be displayed with the box.

Foiling is another way to create a luxurious appearance for your candle boxes. This method involves applying a foil film or metal die to paper in order to create the desired color. Gold and rose gold foil are the most common colors for foil, but you can also use holographic foils to mimic precious metals. You can even choose between gloss and matte finishes when printing your custom candle boxes. However, if you’re looking for a more stylish appearance, you should use 24 pt. cardstock.


Whether you’re selling handmade candles or just want to make your products look good, custom candle boxes can provide the perfect packaging for your product. Custom printed boxes are often made from cardboard and can have a glossy or matte finish. You can use different sizes and shapes to fit your needs. Choose from a variety of materials to make your custom boxes unique, and you’ll have no trouble finding the right one for your product.

For a professional and high-end look, hot foil stamping is a great choice. This technique leaves a gleaming sheen behind. It’s especially effective for high-end packaging, and can give even a standard candle a reflective look. If you need a custom-made candle box, consider using hot foil stamping to enhance the packaging. A custom-made candle box is an excellent part of the sales process.

Candle packaging boxes

You can customize custom candle boxes to suit any occasion or celebration. Taper candles are among the oldest types of candles, and have been used for religious and romantic purposes for centuries. These candles burn evenly and at a slow rate. Custom-printed boxes from TBP offer a variety of styles and sizes to suit any budget. For your convenience, TBP offers two different sizes of luxury candle boxes. You can choose a box with any of these options for your next project.


Custom candle boxes are a great way to package luxury products. Many options are available for shape and design, and you can incorporate your logo or brand name to make them stand out from the competition. Full-color printing is highly recommended for high-end brands. You can also choose a matte or glossy aqueous coating to draw attention to your design. Custom candle boxes can also be made of durable corrugated cardboard for high-volume orders.

When designing your custom candle packaging boxes, take into account the type of candles you’ll be packaging. The shape of the box can be critical because the right shape can increase the chances of impulse purchases. Candle boxes are a great place for your brand marketing message, as they can feature your logo, slogans, and taglines. Not only will your boxes look good, but they will speak to your target audience. Make your custom candles boxes speak to the real emotions of your customers and create an emotional connection between you and them.

Candle packaging boxes

A custom candle box can be made from either single-layer cardstock or multi-layer corrugated cardboard. Single-layer cardstock is an economical choice, but it’s not durable enough to protect candle wax. Corrugated cardboard is stronger and doubles as a shipping box. Whether you’re shipping a candle locally or internationally, a custom-designed box can set your brand apart from your competitors. For more information, contact an experienced custom candle box supplier.


If you are in the market for customized 2 piece candle boxes, then you’ve come to the right place. While it may be difficult to determine the exact price of a custom candle box, there are a number of factors that you should consider to make your purchase more effective. One of these factors is the box’s overall quality. Corrugated cardboard is an affordable option for heavier items, and it doubles as a shipping box. However, its colors are muted and not very vivid. Custom boxes are generally more affordable when ordered in bulk.

You can customize candle box packaging by having your company’s logo printed on the box. You can also choose decorative adornments and place your business’s contact information. This way, your boxes will stand out from the crowd and make you more profitable. It’s all about making your product stand out from the crowd and boosting your brand image at the same time. To make your product look even better, consider ordering a custom-built box.

Corrugated cardboard is a great material for shipping boxes, and is more durable than cardstock. While cardstock is lighter, it’s not as durable. Cardboard is also more economical, but it’s not as durable as corrugated cardboard. Cardboard is an excellent option for candles, and it comes in many different sizes and styles. To help you choose the perfect box, consult a box specialist for the right size and shape.

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