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5 Fashion Photography Editing Hacks For Stunning Photos

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Do you want to learn fashion photography editing? Or do you need to hone your editing skills like a pro? If that’s the case, this article will make you learn everything you need to consider for editing fashion photographs. Also, some additional editing techniques you will find here.

How Does Fashion Photography Work?

Fashion photography editing enhances the features of accessories and clothing to make the portrait look more stunning. The primary purpose of editing is to make an ordinary photo look like a dream portrait.

Fashion photography editing
Figure 1. Fashion photography


Fashion Photography Editing Hacks

Some retouches and different hue changes in the images can completely change the feel of images. Using some photo editing tools like Photoshop, Snapseed, and Lightroom can be a game changer. Here are some exciting photography hacks you must give a try to start form $0.20.

●        3D Effects in Photographs

The hack will add more depth and dimension to your subject’s face. It’s all about playing, enhancing the highlights and shadows of the cheekbone of the model. All you can easily do is with the help of Photoshop using its pen tool. It will make the subject’s features pop and look more defined.

●       Add More Glow and Shine to the Subject

This hack is taken from the world of beauty and cosmetics to make the subject look shiner and glow from the inside. Editors mostly use this technique in their work as it adds a truly flattering and magical effect to their images.

You need to click on the camera roll filter by clicking on the filter option. In the adjustment section, you need to adjust the exposure, highlights and whitetails until you get delighted.

●       Gradient Color Bubbles

This hack makes images look more subtle and natural looking. All you need is to expand the sides of photos with the marquee tool on Photoshop. It reveals the background’s beautiful texture, giving you more space to apply gradient color bubbles.

●       Professional Color Grading

This hack greatly helps you add a professional color palette to the fashion images. For color grading, turn off Photoshop’s retouching and dodge and burn feature.

After that, you first need to create the stamp of all visible underline layers. Go to the camera roll filter and shift the white balance meter according to your need and choice. It’s the best way to play with color grading.

●       Preset Photos 

This hack will save you time when you need to do editing for a lot of photos. Edit only one photo according to your choice and apply the same setting for the rest of the photos you need to edit. Photoshop serves you with this feature, especially when you’re short on time.

Fashion photography editing
Figure 2. Fashion photography editing


Quick Tips for Effective Photography Editing

1.     Play with Different Colors

Don’t be afraid to play with colors. Try different hues and test the harmony of different colors in the images.

2.     Experiment with Highlights and Shadows

Experiment with different shadows and highlights as it changes the whole feel of the portrait.

3.     Motion Blur

Shooting images at different shutter speeds and combining them all with the help of photo editing tools will add quality to your editing.

4.     Use Quality Photo Editing Tools

Photo editing tools like Photoshop help a lot for professional photo background removal service. Learn these tools in depth to add more technicalities to your editing.

5.     Know When to Walk Away

Final touches to the images never end. Therefore, it’s essential to set some rules for yourself. Define a time limit for editing an image and walk away after that time. Also, don’t hesitate to walk away when the editing gets done.

Wrapping Up

Professional photography editing presents portraits and images more clearly and attractively. These hacks and tips will serve you well if you want to make your photo editing more up to the mark and professionally looking. Learning professional editing tools and getting familiar with their different features will help level your skill to a great extent.

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