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Top Features To Look While Selecting Free Web Hosting

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Summary: The article offers a detailed overview of the top features, which everyone should analyze before selecting a free web server hosting provider.  

Free Web Hosting has become a prominent choice of various companies. However, there are a lot of aspects, that one should analyze before selecting a service provider.  

Free plans mostly consist of only SSL and a bandwidth up to 50GB along with HDD storage.  

But, all of these don’t fulfill the business requirements. So, it is essential to know about the features, which must be in a free web server hosting plan.  

Let’s get started and know about all the important features.  

1.  SSD Storage 

Whenever you have to select a free web hosting provider for your website, you must check, whether they are offering SSD storage or not.  

SSD helps to boost the speed and enhance overall website performance, aiding in increasing the engagement rate. In addition, it helps to execute user-requests more rapidly without any error. Even if it’s video inclusive of high-end graphics or an image file with extensive HD pixels, SSD always ensures fast speed.  

Besides this, it helps to save time while backing up and restoring the data for various business operations. And, if a service provider offers SSD in its plan, you must select it. 

2. Up to 100 GB Bandwidth 

If you are running a small-scale, mid-size, or even a large-scale business, 100 GB of bandwidth in a free plan can save you a lot.  

Bandwidth helps to handle extensive user-request at ease and provides them the accurate output. In addition, it helps to ensure the Quality of Service, leading to maintaining the company’s reputation. Most of the hosting providers offer less than 100GB of bandwidth in their free plan. But, from an expert’s viewpoint, you must select a service offering 100 GB bandwidth for a single website.  

As a result, all your customers will get satisfied and will be able to assure maximum uptime. 

3. Free SSL 

SSL is an essential component of every website. Whether it’s a blog website or an eCommerce store, SSL is a basic necessity for all.  

SSL certificates work behind the interface to encrypt the data and securely transmit it between browser and server. If you want to ensure data integrity, confidentiality, and availability to your customers, then you should install an SSL certificate.  

In addition, getting SSL in a free web server hosting plan is no less than a lottery. It will also leverage you to boost your website ranking across multiple search engines. And, you will surely analyze an increase in user traffic, engagement, and conversions. 

4. DNS for Best Free Web Hosting 

Domain Name System or DNS is an integral part of web server hosting. It allows the users to search and visit websites through the domain name. In simple terms, it maintains the conversion between IP address and domain name.  

You must always avail of the services, providing free access to DNS, as it removes complexity for your customers. And, it leads to enhance the user-satisfaction rate, directly contributing to company capital.  

Moreover, it acts as an extra security layer, by not revealing the company details to each user. If you found any hosting services providers offering free DNS, then you must select it.  

5. Inclusion of MySQL Database in Free Web Server Hosting Plan

The database is one of the most crucial components, as it stores, processes, and organizes the data with utmost accuracy. And, its availability in the free plan can be highly beneficial.  

Most high-tech companies utilize the MySQL database for exponentially structuring their data. It streamlines the operations and effectively maintains linkage with other databases. Moreover, it is inclusive of built-in security mechanisms, preventing data breaches.  

In case, if your customers grow exponentially, MySQL will allow you to scale up the database without any external resources. With full-fledged database support and comprehensive workflow, MySQL is a top-notch database solution, which you should surely use.

6. Free WordPress Hosting with cPanel 

There are very few web server hosting providers, who offer free WordPress hosting with cPanel. It provides the following advantages, helping to increase business productivity:  

  • A sleek and simple dashboard for effortlessly executing every core operation.  
  • Easy Installation, enabling to use it across multiple devices and access server settings through it.
  • Backup facility to enable data reliability and never let your business suffer. 
  • Flawless mail management, ensuring mail organization and spam detection.  
  • There are a lot of cPanel documentation and guides available, helping for easy setup and operation.  

With all these features, cPanel is a one-stop solution for completing high-priority tasks. 

7. By Default Available Website Builder 

An in-built website builder provides a lot of advantages. It allows adding multiple features without writing a single piece of code. In addition, you can integrate your social media handles with it and create an omnichannel marketing approach.  

Moreover, you can save your time and cost in building a website, if you utilize the builder tool. In addition, it also aids in reducing the maintenance cost, as you can do it yourself or automate it through external tools.  

Besides this, website builders allow personalizing your company website. You can add your custom CSS and HTML code, providing a personal touch to all stakeholders.  

8. Support Services 

Support Services must be available, even if you are selecting a free web server hosting plan. If you find any complexity or issue or have a query, then support services can only help you out.  

The primary facilities of support services are inclusive of:  

  • 24/7 expert support through call, mail, and live chat 
  • Dedicated experts for different types of issues 
  • Minimal effort in escalating the issue for better result 
  • End-to-end services, ensuring smooth functioning and process execution 

Wrapping Up: From where you should avail Free Web Hosting Services 

While searching across various free web server hosting providers, you will find a lot of them available on the internet. However, HostingSeekers is a prominent name in the industry, offering futuristic hosting services.  

By Selecting HostingSeekers, you can leverage advanced cPanel, security, dedicated support, and much more under a free hosting plan. Their free plan highly competes with other hosting providers’ paid plans and is considered better. 

When you’re looking for information, it can be hard to determine which quality websites are worth your time. This is where our loxail and sarfes informational website will help you; These websites offer their readers helpful and in-depth articles about different topics! You can visit if you’re interested.

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