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Guidance On How To Prepare For Your First PAP Smear

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There are plenty of screening tests available at North Hills urgent care clinic to help doctors to detect the kind of illness the patient is suffering from. The importance of undergoing screening examination is to prevent the health or medical care issue from becoming medical severe. For example, cancer conditions are often treatable at the first, second, and sometimes the third stage. However, the chances of recovering from stage four cancer are very slim.

One cancer screening examination at North Hills pap smear clinic near me is known as a pap smear test. This is a practical cancer screening test used to detect abnormal cells that can cause cervical cancer in the cervical region. As a woman, this is an essential cancer screening test that will save your life. This post will explain what a pap smear test is all about and what you need to do before getting it. We will also explain the different test results you can expect.

What are Pap Smear Tests?

A pap smear test is a gynecological screening procedure that is done to detect the presence of precancerous and cancerous cells that are found in the cervical region. Getting pap smears is necessary for all women who are above 21 years old. At North Hills pap smear clinic near me, gynecologists or ob-gyns are medical professionals who perform pap smear tests. A pap smear test is often done with the pelvic exam.

How to Prepare for a Pap Smear Test 

Pap smear tests involve the most private part of a woman. Before undergoing the pap smear test, you must prepare yourself physically and psychologically. Before going for your first pap smear test, these are the things that you need to do:

1. Look for an ob-gyn or a gynecologist you are comfortable with 

You need to start going for a pap smear test once you turn 21 years old. Although this is the recommended age, you can start getting pap smears when you are as young as 13 years. This applies to women who are sexually active at a younger age. Before scheduling an appointment with an ob-gyn, you first need to look for an ob-gyn that you are comfortable with. 

Some women feel comfortable with a male gynecologist, while others prefer female ob-gyns. You should also be free to talk to your provider about your gynecological issues. You need to understand that performing a pap smear test at a pap smear clinic near me is not the only medical issue that an ob-gyn addresses. An ob-gyn can also provide prenatal and postnatal care to women. 

2. Don’t schedule an appointment when you are on your menstrual period. 

If you are planning to get a pap smear test, you need to make sure that you have already had your menstruation. Besides being pleasant to the doctor performing the procedure, it may interfere with the results of your pap smear test. Always schedule a pap smear test appointment a week before or after finishing your menstrual cycle. 

3. Avoid sexual intercourse before going for a pap smear test. 

When you are preparing to go for a pap smear test, you need to abstain from having sex 24 hours before the procedure. The reason for these is to prevent tampering with the cervical fluids that may end up giving inaccurate results. You also need to avoid cream, powder, or jell spermicides that may also interfere with the results. 

Pap Smear Test Results 

After a Pap Smear test you should expect some results. Once the doctor finishes collecting the cervical sample, the contents are taken to a state of the at the lab at North Hills pap smear clinic near me. A positive result means that abnormal cells were detected in the sample. However, it does not mean that a patient has cancer. It may mean that the patient has an infection in the cervical region or an underlying medical condition. 

A positive result is also known as an abnormal result. To know exactly if the abnormal cells are cancerous or precancerous, the doctor will have to do more tests on the sample. If the pap smear test result turns out to be negative, it means that no abnormal cells were detected. Negative results are also called normal pap smear results.

When to discontinue pap smears

There are instances where a person may refrain from going for a pap smear test. This includes women who have had their uterus removed. This means there would be no cervical samples to collect if the uterus is not there. Women who have passed the age of 65 years and all the previous results turned out to be negative can discontinue pap smears. 


As a woman, your reproductive health matters a lot. You need to undergo screening exams to ensure that nothing is creeping into your system. The pap smear test is among the most important health tests you must experience after 2.5 years. This important test is essential to detect the presence of cervical cancer. If you have just turned 21 years old, you should prepare yourself to start going for a pap smear test. Always choose an ob-gyn with whom you are comfortable sharing your gynecological health issues. 

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