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Home improvement dry goods: Is it better to choose an independent integrated stove for kitchen decoration? Martians give you the answer

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Under the epidemic, public health awareness has been continuously improved, not only paying more attention to products with concepts such as disinfection and health, but also eating habits have evolved from eating deliciously to eating healthy. In this environment, integrated stove products that are well-known to the public with the advantages of health and environmental protection, multi-function, space saving, and efficient cooking are favored by more and more users. In addition, in recent years, with the continuous maturity of industry technology and increasing user demand, integrated stove products have also been upgraded from single-chamber models such as steamer models and steam-bake integrated models to a new dual-chamber structure with independent steaming and baking. Save with B&Q NHS Discount

Martian T7BCZ Natural Gas

Martian’s new generation of independent integrated stove for steaming and roasting

    So is it better to choose an independent integrated stove for steaming and baking for kitchen decoration? First of all, from the perspective of product structure, the independent integrated stove for steaming and roasting has two independent cavities, which can not only perfectly take into account the independent operation of the two functions of steaming and roasting, but also realize the simultaneous operation of dual cavities and improve the cooking efficiency by 50%. Even better, for small-sized families, the independent integrated stove for steaming and roasting can realize more functions than the traditional integrated stove in a space of 1 square meter, so that the cramped kitchen space can be released.

    Secondly, from the perspective of technological development, major brands have accumulated deep steam oven technology, and under the innovative research and development, the function, performance and quality of independent steam ovens have a certain basic guarantee, so that users can enjoy more at home. Professional, efficient and rich healthy food. 

    Finally, from the perspective of market response, according to relevant statistics, in the first quarter of 2022, the total retail sales structure of the integrated stove online market steaming and roasting model + steaming and roasting independent model + steaming box model accounted for 71%, and the offline market steaming and roasting accounted for 71%. The total retail sales structure of all-in-one model + independent steaming model + steaming box model + stove steaming model also accounts for 60%. Among them, the independent integrated stove for steaming and roasting has performed well in the offline market, and its retail sales share has increased from 3.3% in the first quarter of 2021 to 11.8% in the fourth quarter. It can be described as a new category of integrated stoves with great development potential.

01 How to choose an independent integrated stove for steaming and roasting? Look for professional and informative head brands

    Nowadays, the integrated stove market is blooming all over the country, and major professional brands, emerging brands, and old-fashioned home appliances are blooming, which makes it easy for consumers to be dizzy when choosing among hundreds of integrated stove brands, and even choose counterfeit integrated stove products. For users, if they want to choose an independent integrated cooker with high cost performance and good product quality, they must first give priority to the brand of the integrated cooktop, and compare the technology, performance, function of the product and whether there is a perfect after-sales service, etc. Wait, polish your eyes and buy. Dont miss Wilko Discount Code

    As the leader of the integrated stove industry and the brand with the largest revenue of listed companies in the integrated stove industry in 2021, the Martian integrated stove not only has 348 industry patented technologies as a brand moat, but also continuously innovates product design, in terms of appearance, function, The pursuit of perfection in details has injected fresh blood into the industry and led the industry to change round after round of new trends.

    On May 31, 2022, the Martian integrated stove not only broke through the industry restrictions, but also launched two new-generation steaming and roasting independent integrated stoves, T7BCZ and E7BCZ, at the new product launch. China Agricultural University, through online research, big data analysis, etc., released the “2022 White Paper on China’s New Generation of Steaming and Roasting Independent Integrated Stove”, which analyzed the development history, market status and future trends of the integrated stove industry. The release of this white paper also symbolizes the The release of new Martian products has a vane significance for the entire industry.    

02 A new generation of independent new products of steaming and roasting, breaking the cooking time barrier and leading the industry benchmark

    Although it has been several years since the steaming and roasting independent integrated stove category has been on the market, the independent steaming and roasting products on the market tend to be the same in appearance and function, and the quality is also uneven. Aiming at the problems of slow preheating, low efficiency, and homogenization of appearance of the independent integrated cooker for steaming and roasting on the market, the new generation of independent integrated steaming and roasting cooker from Martian condenses the essence and technology in the field, in terms of structure, space, combination and parameters It has made a new breakthrough and broke the barrier of cooking time. It is an indispensable new cooking favorite for healthy Chinese kitchens.

Structural Innovation: Subversive Cavity Function Combination

    The traditional steam-bake independent integrated stove is mostly a single steamer and oven in one, while the new generation of the Martian independent steam-bake integrated stove adopts the innovative structure of a steam-bake (frying) integrated machine and a convenient and efficient steamer, not only It can achieve multi-dimensional use needs upgrades such as simultaneous cooking, time saving and efficiency, and improved space utilization for users, and it is also more in line with Chinese home cooking needs.

Space innovation: large-capacity steaming and roasting with both color, flavor and shape

    In terms of space utilization efficiency, the design of the new generation of independent integrated stove for steaming and roasting of Martian is also ingenious. In terms of cavity capacity, its double cavity achieves a super large capacity of 80L, which can meet the needs of large families for banquets and gatherings, and at the same time, it can also ensure that the ingredients are not tainted to the greatest extent. Among them, the professional-grade 45L large steaming oven on the left can easily accommodate the whole chicken and duck, so that the ingredients have both color, flavor and shape to meet the gluttonous needs of you and your family; Healthy meals come out quickly, simplifying Chinese cooking.  Save with Currys discount code, Currys NHS discount code and Currys promo code NHS, Currys nhs voucher code, Currys NHS discount, Currys Coupon code 10 Off and Currys discount code NHS

    It is worth mentioning that the new generation of independent integrated stove for steaming and roasting of Martian has also carried out storage space innovation. There is also a delicate storage space hidden under the steaming oven. It adopts a push-to-open door design. The steaming tray can be placed on the left, and the 2.8L large-capacity water tank can be placed on the right. This design can not only solve the storage problem of accessories such as daily steaming pans, but also make full use of space allocation, making cooking more convenient.    

Combination extension: 8 mainstream cooking methods to choose from

    Thanks to the multi-functional structure of the steam oven + steam oven, and the professional empowerment of the master-level steaming and roasting technology, the new generation of independent steaming and roasting stoves from Martian has also brought us 8 mainstream cooking methods to achieve the same 80L cooking method. Source double-chamber steaming, 45L frying + 35L steaming, 45L large-chamber grilling, 35L convenient steaming, 45L grilling + 35L steaming, 45L steam grilling, 45L air frying, 45L high temperature steaming, bringing users a richer experience and leading the industry A new trend in combined cooking. 

Parameter update: performance upgrade represents the industry’s cutting-edge technology

    In addition to the subversive new structure of independent steaming and roasting, the new generation of independent steaming and roasting integrated stove of Martian also brings together the advanced technology at the forefront of the industry, and the performance is greatly upgraded. For example, in terms of steaming and roasting technology, Martian’s new generation of independent steaming and roasting integrated stoves adopts AI dual-chamber alternation algorithm and is equipped with a temperature adjustment program to address the pain point of dual-chamber simultaneous cooking and long preheating time. It only takes 6 minutes to realize dual-chamber simultaneous operation. High thermal efficiency; for the technical barrier problem that dual chambers cannot be replenished at the same time, the steam cycle in the chamber is realized through the same source dual steam system; the innovative electronic temperature control technology can achieve precise temperature control of 17 functional combinations, allowing Cooking is more professional.

    In terms of the performance of the smoke stove, the new-generation independent integrated stove of the Martian has a cruising air volume of 20m 3 /min and a maximum static pressure of 880Pa.

    In addition, Martian and the National Fruit and Vegetable Processing Engineering Technology Research Center of China Agricultural University established a digital nutrition laboratory, aiming at the main theme of “letting users eat nutrition and health”, and jointly carry out in-depth cooking mechanism, cooking parameter optimization, and nutrition database construction. Research, and implant the corresponding research technology into the product, transforming it into a more convenient “one-button automatic menu cooking”, allowing users to easily and conveniently enjoy healthy and nutritious delicious dishes at home.

    Through the technical accumulation and product reputation of the Martian integrated stove in the past, coupled with the introduction of this new product launch conference, we can see that the Martian integrated stove has fully demonstrated its outstanding technical strength, original design and brand strength to the industry and users. In particular, this newly launched Martian new-generation steaming and roasting independent integrated stove has a significant industry-leading advantage in terms of firepower, smoke control capability, and steaming and roasting performance. The new breakthrough is a major milestone in leading the industry towards high-end, integrated and healthy state.

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