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The COVID pandemic has transformed the way examinations are conducted. We have shifted from the regular conventional exams to online exams. This has its own advantages, like using portals which allow you to pay someone to take tests for you, but it has its own disadvantages too. For regular exams, we had to go and do the exam at a given location at a given time. The number of resources needed was not as much as in online mode. So online exams do have to be planned and ready before the actual commencement of the exams. Some essential things to keep in mind to succeed in such exams. Here we have put down a list of things we find necessary to be successful in an online exam.


This is the basis of success in any examination, whether online or offline. Especially with online exams having more multiple-choice questions, you should have a good understanding of the subject and a good grasp of the concepts to answer such questions. Revision is essential as these tests are designed to be a race against the clock. You have to be able to recall what you have studied in a limited amount of time. Some sites provide services where one can pay someone to take online exams for you. Some exams are of open-book nature, but that too should not be taken for granted. Students assume they will be able to flip through the pages and answer, but the time restraint does not provide enough time to do so. Therefore, it is essential to be thorough with the syllabus.


Students who have been giving online exams only recently and do not have much experience with these exams can also give stimulated mock tests. Many sites provide mock papers on specific subjects and topics, which are meant to test the clarity of your concepts and your grasp of the subjects. Such mock tests replicate exams taken online and will give you proper practice. On some sites, you can pay someone to take online tests for you. While you prepare for the exam, keep in mind the format in which it will be accepted. If the exam is to be taken in MCQ, make sure to understand concepts and remember key things which can be asked. Practice thinking critically and reading the questions carefully to understand what is being asked.

Technology Devices

A device and an internet connection are the top necessities for taking your exam online. Make sure to check all the necessary tech before you start your online exam. Ensure your laptop is working fine and has enough backup in case you need it. Ensure that the place you are giving your exam has a properly interrupted internet connection so you do not lose valuable time. For example, if you are using wifi, make it a point to also have a backup ready for internet connection.

For example, a phone internet connection can be tethered if and when required. Your browser and other software must be updated, and you must download the software you might need for the exam. If you lack the necessary tech, you can also use sites where you can pay someone to take the online test. Having a backup device can be helpful if your device is down. If technical errors occur during the exam, you should know who to contact and do so as soon as possible.


Everyone has experience with conventional tests as everyone has appeared for them since the early days. Online exams may not have the same intimidating factor, but having a positive and calm mindset is important to succeed in that. Be confident about your preparation and have faith in yourself. Spend the last day of your practice revising and gaining confidence. Your brain functions best when you have had a proper night of sleep, and it will help you focus and recall better during exams. Eat a healthy meal before the exam. An excellent place to give your exam, where you can focus and not get distracted. A room with proper sunlight can help you stay calm.

Be Systematic

Open book exams are pretty common. While you give exams online, it may sound easy, but if you have not prepared well, you will find it difficult to answer all questions while having your books and notes beside you. Flipping through the pages and not being able to find the topics you are searching for will stress you more. Many methods can be used to develop a system for it. You can rely on physical or digital content, depending on your preference. Use color-coded books; organize your notes; use sticky notes or highlighters. It all depends on your choice, but have a system and know where you will find what you need. If you cannot do these, you can use sites where you can pay someone to do your online test.


These points will be very important to succeed in your online exam. Though the online exam is a different mode of examination, the basis and purpose of the exam remain the same. To evaluate the students. With exams taken online, you can use portals where you can pay someone to take an online exam for you. Keeping an eye on the time, preparing well, and focusing on the points given above will help you succeed in your online exam.

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