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James is the chef with whom it all begins in the kitchen. Chop vegetables, chop onions, and chop steaks. Using it, you’ll spend 90% of your time in the kitchen, so choose well: pay attention to the blades, steel, and handles.


The Damascus Chef Knife has a wide blade that cuts perfectly because of its size. The length of the most common Damascus Chef knife is 20 cm. This knife is universal: suitable for any hand, cutting large pieces of meat and small vegetables. For experienced chefs, this length is not enough and they order larger models – 25-30 cm.

A Damascus Chef knife is a good thing if you have proven its technique, you will be able to cut faster and more pieces without getting tired in the process. 15-18 cm is enough for beginners and rarely cooks. Such knives, it is easy to handle and sharpen, but their productivity is low.


The Chef Works long and hard in the kitchen, so steel must be prepared for maximum load. With the addition of carbon steel, molybdenum, chromium, and vanadium, it works well – it’s strong, solid, rust-free, and keeps sharpening well.

The most durable heads are made of a single piece of steel. Here, the blade of the knife is thickened, moved to the handle of the handle, and the point of transfer is thickened so that the knife does not break in half. For Damascus knives, steel is hardened at very high temperatures and then at low temperatures. After that, it becomes stronger, the cutting edge does not break, and the knife is easier to sharpen.

After hardening, the hardness of the steel should be about 55-60 rock wall units: if it is low, scratches and twists will remain on the edge, while the high blade will not bend, but will break. The softer the steel, the easier it is to sharpen and adjust, and we recommend using it before each use.


The chef’s handle should be heavy, yet comfortable. Professional knives are made of water-repellent colored wood or steel handles. It is heavy enough to clean and easy to cut, it is durable, it is not afraid of collisions and falls, and it lasts a long time. An innovative alternative is the poly-oxymethylene handle knife. It is a synthetic material that does not absorb moisture or grease, is easy to clean, and tolerates dishwasher washing better than others.

Rest is also important: the knife should fit snugly in the hand, not slip, and not press the wrist. You’ll be working too much and too often as a chef, so make sure it fits your hand well – it doesn’t rub, weigh or put pressure on your fingers.

Summary up

  • If you need a heavy-duty Chef knife in a restaurant, get a large Damascus Chef knife with a blade 10 inches or longer.
  • European cooks are universal, but Damascus blade knives are more suitable for sushi.
  • Hold the knife in your hand: is it comfortable? Isn’t it too heavy? Is it well-balanced?
  • Learn the type of alloy: The most reliable shrubs contain forged carbon steels with the addition of molybdenum, chromium, and vanadium.

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