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A Comprehensive Guide on How to Convert a Web Application to Software-as-a-Service?

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The popularity of SaaS platforms has been raised to a great extent. In order to lower infrastructure costs without sacrificing the convenience of software, many businesses rely on SaaS instead of constructing separate applications for smartphones and desktops.

In the wake of the benefits of SaaS, many businesses are considering migrating their web applications to SaaS. Increased scalability, security, and reliability are a few of the most prominent advantages that can be avail with the migration of web apps to SaaS.

If you are also thinking of migrating web applications to SaaS, but are unsure of whether it is the right decision or not, this blog is meant for you.

Here we have outlined the benefits of converting a web application to software-as-a-service suggested by custom software development company.

So, let’s get started.

Benefits of Converting Web Applications to SaaS

There are numerous benefits of using SaaS over web applications, here are a few of them:

Scalability at its Best

With time everything changes and business is not an exception. If a business is not growing with time means it is not that profitable. Therefore the application you are developing for the business should be capable enough to grow in response to the growth of the business. In that case, SaaS takes the center stage.

SaaS applications are generally hosted on cloud servers and grow efficiently as the business grows.

Conversely, web-based applications are less scalable because they are hosted on a server with limited capacity, which can only support a limited number of users.

By taking all these things into action, it is clear that SaaS is a better option in terms of scalability in comparison to web applications.


What do you think when you come across a website or a mobile application that is sluggish? Often you close such a website unless you have a task that can not be performed on another website. Considering this the importance of speed is foremost.

In terms of speed, SaaS is far better than web applications. SaaS applications are free from the dependencies on the hosting servers that are often limited in capabilities. Having the dependency on the cloud means that speed is superior.

Design Flexibility

You cannot tell your users to use a particular browser to get better results when using your web application. Right? The challenge is therefore to create a web application that looks and feels the same across all web browsers, which is one of the most difficult things to do due to their dependence on hosting servers. Also at the time when designers need to make changes in the UI/UX of the web applications can impact the entire workflow.

On the other hand, SaaS applications are stored on the cloud and capable of maintaining the look and feel of the software identical irrespective of the user’s choice of browsers. 

Data Storage

As said, SaaS applications are stored in the cloud, they require less storage. Furthermore, the process of retrieving the data becomes faster and more efficient.


One of the biggest benefits of both web applications and Software-as-a-service is that they can be accessed over the internet without performing any physical installation. Another benefit is that they can be even accessed without an internet connection.

Beyond these benefits, there are a lot of things that affect accessibility. Being hosted on the cloud infrastructure, SaaS can be accessed from any device even without an internet connection. With the cloud, the chances of going down are also reduced to a greater extent in comparison to the web applications hosted on the servers.


When it comes to security, web applications often fail to deliver impressive results. There are a number of cyberattacks web applications can be a victim of such as SQL injection, path traversal, cross-site request forgery, and so forth.

On the other side, SaaS applications are more secure due to the rigorous authentication methods of their cloud servers.

Now after addressing the need of converting web applications to Software-as-a-Service, now it is time to have a discussion on how you can perform the SaaS migration.

Step-by-Step Guide to Convert Web Application to Software-as-a-Service

Let’s explore the journey of conversation from the beginning:


Taking this step is an important part of the journey. This stage involves defining the scope of the work that needs to be done. Having a detailed migration makes it a smooth journey for web app development companies to convert their applications into Software-as-a-Service.

At this stage, it is also essential to learn about the target audience to add a personalized touch to the SaaS application to ensure better conversations with the clients.

Assessing and Redesigning the Architecture and Database 

After having the precise knowledge of the client’s requirements. The next thing software development companies do is define the architecture of the SaaS application. Architecture means defining the relationship between the different components of SaaS applications.

After designing the architecture, the next thing that developers do is database redesigning. Software development companies find the best way. At this stage, the software developers define how the database will share the information among the users.

Codebase Update

The existing code is valid for a web application, therefore, web development agencies need to make changes in the code of the web application to ensure its conversation in software applications.

There are two ways through which developers can update the existing codebase. First, they can opt to write the code from scratch, but it will consume time and also bring a lot of problems. The other approach is that developers can work on the existing code by optimizing it. They can identify the codebase that can be kept similar in the case of SaaS and other changes can be made.


This is the stage where a team of quality analysts comes into action. They evaluate the quality of the work done by the software development companies. The ultimate goal of the testing is to convert a web application into Software-as-a-Services (SaaS) according to the expectations of the client and add value to the business. Quality analysts also test the security vulnerabilities of the website to make sure that it is developed following the best security practices.

SaaS Data Migration

This is the most complex process in the journey of web applications migration to SaaS. In this stage, all the data of the web application is migrated to the SaaS application. To ensure a successful migration, it is advisable to choose the best data migration strategies and be free from failure. Before migrating, be aware of all the requirements and risks involved in the process. Losing the business data can result in losing the trust of your customers so make a backup of the data before performing the migration.

Final Take

The conversion of web applications to Software-as-a-Service comes with a lot of benefits. The process of the conversion might seem complicated to you therefore it is best to seek the assistance of the right web application development company that can make the process smoother for you. Having a team of experts on your side will make the journey of migration a lot easier for you. Hire nodejs developers at very cost effective package.

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