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How to deep clean your house post-renovation in Dubai

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No state in the world is busier than Dubai, so the residents here are always up to something. It’s rare to see them sitting futile within the comfort of their four walls. And just in case they run out of activities, they tend to modify the appearance of their home, otherwise known as renovation. So, do you happen to get your home renovated by choosing a well-known company amber cleaning in Dubai? Yet, a thorough cleanup is equally imperative after the completion of the renovation. 

Whether you’re a resident of apartments in Palm Jumeirah or Downtown Dubai, cleaning the aftermath is crucial the second all the tools are away. Although the agency you had hired must’ve done some tidying up, deep cleaning is still a necessary chore from your side.

Here’s how you can cherish the most of the renovation and prep your property for a makeover. 

Step # 1- Finalize the performance of your contractor:

Before beginning the venture, it’s always a good idea to walk through all the steps with your contractor. Check if there are any outstanding issues or repairs they must attend to. Also, ensure the process takes place during low traffic hours so that no vehicles come in between throwing off the debris out of your house. 


Step # 2- Clean up the clutter:

The messiness gathered over the long run will cause you to seem like a chaotic and unkempt homemaker. After the departure of your contractor, get a chance to remove the clutter and unnecessary items to make place for the new ones. It’s because as much as we treasure the results of a renovation, the procedure is noisy, exhausting, and messy. In most cases, you can lend an extra hand of one of the laborers for help. 

Step # 3- Begin with the heavy stuff:

Now that you’ve cleaned it up, it’s time to start aligning with bigger pieces like furniture, electrical appliances, and carpets. It’s because of picking up the tiny stuff like papers lying around the rotten hankies. Since it’s easier to sort them off without hassle, we’ll begin with the heavier stuff. If you cannot lift heavy stuff for medical reasons, it would be wise to include the task within the renovation agency’s chores. 

Step # 4- Vacuum is the key:

Since dust can easily crawl into carpets, curtains, and furniture pieces, vacuuming is the best way to tackle it. It’s because if you leave it to accumulate, it’ll get persistent, and nothing will work out to get it off. Pay extra attention to the nooks and crannies of your property, as most owners usually neglect them, and that’s where the dust resides the most. 

Step # 5- Wipe everything:

After vacuuming, your next step is to wipe up the walls since they can harbor dust and debris that isn’t visible to the naked eye. And for this purpose, dry dusting works out just fine. Although dry-dusting might be tough, it’s a workable option if the paint hasn’t been applied to those surfaces. In contrast, damp cloths are an equally great alternative when you want to clean without leaving stains behind. 

Step # 6- Spray vents and filters:

The air we breathe after the renovation can be filled with harmful chemicals and particles, and it can be a bit harsh for the ones with respiratory issues. So, don’t neglect the air vents and filters while catering to other tangible pieces. Cleaning vents should be a priority, particularly when you’ve renovated a bigger part of your home or modified the entire property. 

Step # 7- Determine everything else:

After determining the fundamental cleaning chores, you must devote yourself to mirror cleanup tasks. Get a damp cloth piece, dip it into a cleaning detergent, and wipe it down on the windows, doors, electronic appliances, and decoration items.

Concentrating on the lighting bulbs and ceiling fans isn’t enough, and you’ve to cater to tiny fixtures like door knobs and handles so they can sparkle. 

Ending thoughts:

Whether we refer to the apartments for rent in Jumeirah Village Circle or Downtown Dubai, you’re left with a refurbished area looking forward for you to caress it. Remember that hiring a professional cleaning agency always works in the long haul. However, the steps mentioned above will be handy if you’ve planned to turn them into a successful DIY cleaning project. After all, who doesn’t want to breathe comfortably in a pristine home? 

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