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   How to Fix Not Able to Open Outlook Attachment

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Microsoft Outlook is an astonishing email application with heaps of helpful elements. While it is useful, at times it turns into a cerebral pain. One such episode helps me to remember a blunder message that makes you “Unfit to open Outlook connections.”

To assist you with settling the “Unfit to open Outlook connections” mistake, I will make sense of a simple cycle that anybody can rapidly carry out.

Before I continue toward the arrangement, let me initially take you through a few potential reasons bringing on some issues in your manner.

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Standpoint can’t get to the brief records envelope. Your enemy of infection has been hindering the connections. For this situation, you can briefly confine your enemy of infection to forestall Outlook connections, and the issue will be fixed.

You don’t have the necessary program introduced on your PC. For instance, you have gotten an simulated intelligence record, however you don’t have Adobe Illustrator introduced on the machine. Thus, for this situation, you can not open the connection. Connection is bad.

There has been some defilement in the Outlook PST record.

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The last yet the most unmistakable explanation can be that the brief organiser has proactively put away a similar kind of record with a similar name multiple times. For instance, you have gotten an image.bmp document in the connection. At the point when you open an Outlook connection, a transitory document for that connection is made in your machine or on the server according to the arrangement. At the point when the count for the document with a similar name scopes to 99, Outlook becomes incapable of saving more connections with a similar name.

How about we perceive how to fix the most unmistakable explanation hindering the connections saving.

Strategy #1 – Use Save As

Play out the underneath moves toward execute this strategy:

Right-click the connection and snap Save As.

Select an area other than Desktop or the default Download envelope.

Give a name to the connection and save it.

This technique works in the majority of the cases. Nonetheless, in the event that it doesn’t work, jump to the following strategy.

Strategy #2 – Clean Temporary Files

Play out the underneath moves toward execute this strategy:

Click the Windows button on the upper left side.

In the pursuit bar, type %temp% and hit Enter. An envelope will show up.

Select every single transitory document and hit Delete.

Presently, void the reuse receptacle.

Restart Outlook and attempt to open the connection. It ought to work now.

Regardless of whether this strategy is fizzled, jump to the following technique, which works in 95% of cases.

Strategy #3 – Clean Outlook Temporary Files

Before you execute any step of this strategy, if it’s not too much trouble, be cautioned that in this step, we will get to the Windows library and roll out certain improvements there. Thus, you should be exceptionally cautious while rolling out the improvements. Any off-base activity can bring about undesirable and stunning outcomes.

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Play out the beneath moves toward clean Outlook Temporary records:

Click the Windows button on the upper left side.

In the pursuit bar, type regedit and hit Enter. A window will show up.

Select the Edit menu and go to the Find choice.

Presently, type OutlookSecureTempFolder and begin the pursuit.

Before long, you will see this name in the right window. Close to this name, under the Data section, you will see a way something like this


Note down this way on a scratch pad and afterward duplicate it.

Presently, again click the Windows button and glue the way you just replicated in the hunt bar and hit Enter. The connected organizer will show up.

Select every one of the records in that organizer and erase them.

Restart Outlook.

Presently, access your connections.

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You may not deal with any issue now; consequently, the “unfit to open Outlook connections” blunder is settled.

These are the three methods for fixing the Outlook connection related issues. Numerous clients have profited from these strategies, yet in the event that these are not useful to you, another Outlook establishment might be required. In any case, before that, you can download and involve the Kernel for PST Viewer device. With this instrument, you can choose the PST record related with your Outlook.

This device might open the connections with next to no extra advances that had been performed previously. On the off chance that you can access and view email information with this instrument, then you might have to reinstall Outlook. Nonetheless, in the event that this application can’t open the connection, then, at that point, it implies your Outlook PST record has some debasement. To fix the issue, you can involve Kernel for PST Recovery instruments. When the PST is fixed, import it in Outlook, and you will actually want to open connections.

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