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How to Improve Fluency to Ace the IELTS Exam?

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There is no denying the fact that a huge crowd of people is rushing toward English-speaking countries in the hope of establishing a good career. Well, obtaining a visa to travel to these countries is not a cakewalk. Firstly, you have to submit adequate proof of your education, financial stability, and proficiency in the English language to obtain a visa by taking the IELTS exam. Yes, to travel to an English-speaking country such as The USA, The UK, or Canada, you have to show your English proficiency. Only then, the visa officer will execute your visa application process further. 

Basically, the IELTS speaking test access the level of fluency, pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary of a test taker. Elevating your level of fluency in the English language is always beneficial for you. Besides improving your score, fluency has a vital role in communication skills. There is no need to introduce the significance of communication skills. Everyone knows how these skills assist in establishing a good career. 

We have prepared an article that shed light on the tips to elevate your fluency in English to ace the IELTS exam. You have to work on improving your ability to convey your message smoothly in the English language before booking your IELTS exam date. Because you need to be fluent in order to deal with international clients while working in those countries. 

Take your fluency in English to the next level with the  help of the pointers mentioned below:

Think in the English directly

Well, this one is going to be very daunting for you in the starting but will assist you a lot in elevating your fluency. Leave your translation skills behind and train your mind to think in the English language directly. This is a magnificent tip to take your fluency to gigantic heights. Avoid translating the sentence from your regional language to English. Instead, practice thinking about the situations happening around you directly in English. Definitely, you will find it quite impossible in the starting but practicing with short sentences is going to work wonders for you. For instance, the bottle is on the table, there is a lunch box on the computer table, the weather is good today, etc. Just think of all these kinds of phrases or sentences in English directly. 

Talk to your reflection

You can’t deny the fact that the preparations are far more important than getting ready. Know that preparations done in the secret have the ability to give a massive shift to the entire game. Therefore, one of the best companions you can ever have for yourself is you. Yes, stand in the mirror and talk to your reflection as you are talking to another person. This trick is definitely going to make you more confident and fluent in the English language only if you talk to your reflection on a daily basis. 

Stay calm

Maintaining calm while speaking or listening to English is a bit arduous but somehow you have to do this. Staying calm is the most efficient way to tackle nervousness. But for this, you have to gain control of your thoughts and relish the peace of mind. Please during the speaking test, avoid smiling too much as most candidates use this trick to hide their nervousness. Maintain a light smile and pay adequate attention to the question asked to you. You have to practice for this in advance through meditation and taking care of your mental health. 

Use a word to prepare a difficult sentence

There might be chances that you will require some time to translate the sentence into English if you rely on the tricks of translations. To get time to translate the sentence, you can keep a word on your tongue for three seconds, such as well, okay, basically, literally. This will give your mind three seconds to translate the sentence into the English language. But it is advisable to speak English directly from your mind. Therefore, do your best in training your mind to think in English directly. Enroll yourself for the IELTS/PTE exam dates only after accessing the level of your fluency accurately. Furthermore, check the official web portal of the exam conducting authorities to know the suitable exam dates. 


Definitely, you need a vast knowledge of the vocabulary, grammar rules, short phrases, and confidence to speak fluent English. Therefore, choose the appropriate and well–recognized source to grasp the accurate knowledge of grammar rules, vocabulary, and short phrases efficiently to ace the IELTS exam.

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