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How to Know someone block on Whatsapp?

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f you are wondering how to know someone blocked you on WhatsApp, then this article is for you. You might have seen a lot of posts online about how to find out if your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend has blocked you on Whatsapp but they are not accurate. In fact, there are many situations where someone blocks you and doesn’t tell you about it. You might be looking for ways to unblock yourself from other people’s WhatsApp account or maybe just want to know if your friend has actually blocked you without asking them directly. Whatever be the case here are some common signs which will help identify whether someone has blocked your number on WhatsApp or not:

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Can’t see last seen or online when opening WhatsApp.

If you can’t see your contact’s last seen or online status when opening WhatsApp, it means that they are not currently using the app. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they have blocked you.

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You might also notice that the last time your friend saw you or was online is blank when opening WhatsApp. This occurs because WhatsApp only displays information about your contacts’ last seen and online statuses if they are actively using their accounts at the time of checking. If this isn’t being updated by someone who has set up their settings to notify them whenever someone sees their profile picture and/or changes their status message (the green dot next to a contact’s name), then they won’t appear in the list under “Recent activity.”

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  • Last seen status of block Whatsapp user doesn’t change in your screen.
  • You will not see the last seen status of a blocked user.
  • You will not see any message from a blocked user in your inbox.

Checked mark shows only one check on sent messages.

You can see the double check mark on sent messages in WhatsApp if you and your contact are both using the latest version of WhatsApp, which is 2.19.70 and higher.

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If you’re not seeing the double-check mark on your Android device, it’s likely because you haven’t updated your app yet. You can do so by going to Play Store > My apps & games > Installed apps > WhatsApp Messenger > Update (see below).

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For iPhone users: If you’re not seeing the double check mark on your iPhone or iPad, it’s likely because you haven’t updated your app yet. You can do so by going to Settings > General > Software Update (see below).

Checked mark never turns double when sent messages delivered to the receiver.

It’s important to note that the double check mark never turns double when sent messages delivered to the receiver. The single check mark shows that message has been delivered to the recipient, and a double check mark shows that message has been read by the recipient.

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The way you can see this in your WhatsApp chat is as follows:

  • Select a message from your inbox or chats section of WhatsApp, then tap on it once more so that you can see “Delivered” and “Seen by” below each one (see screenshot below).
  • If someone hasn’t read your messages yet, there will only be one icon next to their name (the same icon as above) which means they’ve seen it but haven’t opened it yet; whereas if they have opened it multiple times or have taken some time between opening and replying back then there will be two icons instead (again).

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Messages you send to that contact are shown as a single tick in WhatsApp chat.

You can figure out if someone blocked you on WhatsApp by sending them a message. If the message shows up as a single tick, then that contact has blocked you. If it shows up as a double tick, then they haven’t blocked you yet.

Beware: This trick only works if they are online when you send them a message!

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Messages you send are never delivered to the recipient.

If your messages are never delivered to the recipient, it could be because:

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  • Messages aren’t being sent. Check if you have enough data on your phone and that you’ve turned on the notifications for Whatsapp.
  • The recipient has blocked you. This can happen if someone feels harassed by a person who messages them repeatedly despite their requests to stop sending them content or messages. To find out if this is happening with your friend, ask them directly if they’ve blocked you from contacting them via WhatsApp. If they say no, then there’s another reason why they may not be receiving your message deliveries anymore!

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Use these points to identify if someone blocked you on Whatsapp.

If someone blocked you on Whatsapp, here is how to find out:

  • Look at the last seen status of a user who has blocked you. If it does not change in your screen, it means that he/she has blocked you on WhatsApp. However, if the last seen status is changing regularly or shows any other picture than their profile picture with some meaning or message like “I am busy right now” or anything else then they are not blocking you because they will be able to see that their chat gets delivered to your phone when they send you messages but not vice versa. Therefore if they were blocking you then this would not happen and hence there might be some other reason why one cannot receive messages from that particular person anymore.



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So, if you have any doubts about whether or not someone has blocked you on WhatsApp, it’s best to ask them directly. But remember that they might lie if they don’t want to admit it!

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