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How to Manage Your Health using a Smartphone?

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Arslan Shah
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We often discuss, by and large, the adverse effects of smartphones on our physical and mental health. That is due to the addiction to our devices and the constant exposure to screens. While this could be true, the same device could prove beneficial for us if used aptly. The cell phone is probably the closest thing to our mind and body, so why not use it to manage our mental and physical health!

There are a plethora of health-conscious apps that help you manage your body and mind – merely at the touch of a button. So let’s dive and see what, why, and how can a smartphone help you in this regard:

Hydration Apps

The 8×8 rule refers to the 8×8 – ounces glasses of water that health experts recommend that we drink throughout the day. It is effortless to remember but quite hard to follow due to the horrendous routine. Hydration apps help you keep track of your daily water intake. These apps provide reminders and personalized charts to improve your health and keep you hydrated. There is also an option of managing your water intake goal based on gender and weight. Many apps also keep track of your other inputs, such as fizzy drinks, coffee, tea, etc., to manage your fluid intake.

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Popular Hydration Apps:

Daily Water, My Water Balance, Waterlogged

Pedometer Apps

If you like to sit lazily at home and go out for a walk is a massive challenge for you – then Pedometer apps are for you. A Pedometer (or Step Counter) app uses a built-in sensor to keep track of your daily steps. Next, you need to add your height, weight, and daily goals. Voila! A pedometer will keep track of your burned calories and update your daily report. It can help you buck up and manage your health while tracking any activities; walking, running, and cycling.

Free Pedometer Apps:

Walkster, Pedometer, Step Counter, Pacer Pedometer

Habit Apps

Habits, either good or bad, are a part of human life. There is always a bad habit that we want to change or a good habit that we would like to teach. Habit tracking applications are an excellent method for laying out and accomplishing an objective that you probably won’t have followed. These applications encourage you to build good habits and bring an end to undesirable habits through updates, notes, and day streaks.

Free Habit Apps:

Habit-Bull, Productive

Sleep Cycle Apps

As the name implies, sleep cycle apps help manage your night’s rest. Many sleep apps require wearable devices such as an Apple Watch. But, numerous applications ask that you put your cell phone on your sleeping cushion together for it to do something extraordinary. These apps monitor your sleep patterns and give metrics about a preview of your sleep quality. Some applications permit you to enter various activities you participated in over the day, so it can decide the sorts of behavior that influence your sleep quality (for example, working out, caffeine intake, stress). Numerous applications set off morning alarms and wake you up in the lightest sleep pattern. Some additionally offer white noise sounds for those who want a calm night’s sleep.

Sleep Apps:

Digipill, Pillow, Relax Melodies

Mood Tracking Apps

Identifying and keeping track of your moods is a great way to manage your health. Mood tracking apps help you channel your moods, states of anxiety, depression, or any other mental issues. These apps also help us determine factors that affect our daily thoughts and feelings, such as physical activity and sleep patterns. The journals assist you in making mindful associations between your lifestyle, what you feel, and why you feel so.

Best Mood Tracking Apps:

Moodfit, Worry Watch

Nutrition / Exercise Apps

Numerous applications help you with following your eating regimen and weight reduction objectives. For example, you can lay out calorie intake to align with your weight-reduction plan and sync with other applications or gadgets that track exercise — some apps scan barcodes of the items you wish to have for your next meal. In a few apps, you can snap a picture of what you’re eating, and the app provides you with quick feedback on the nutritional value of your food. Exercise applications incorporate running, walking, cycling, yoga, and even strength training.

Top Free Nutrition / Exercise Apps:

MyFitnessPal, Lose it.

Wrapping Up

A smartphone is – a camera, an alarm clock, a GPS tracker, and much more! It could be your best friend if you use it for your benefit. You can manage your physical and mental health and improve your overall well-being in the most hassle-free way. The device at your arm’s reach could do wonders for you – only if you know how to manage tasks, specifically, your health using a smartphone.

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