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How to Sign Up for Email Without a Phone Number

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There are many reasons why you might not want to give out your phone number:

You’re worried about being spammed.

You don’t want to give out information that could be used to ID you.

You want to keep your inbox clean.

In these cases, you can use an email service that doesn’t require a phone number. For example, Gmail and ProtonMail don’t ask for any personal information when you sign up, so you can use them without giving out a phone number.

If you’re looking for an email address that doesn’t require a phone number, there are several options to choose from. You can use a service like ProtonMail or Mailfence, which is based in Belgium and respects your privacy. Or you can go with a big name like Gmail or, which both have their own unique features and drawbacks.

You don’t need a phone number to send an email. And you shouldn’t ask for one.

Email is the world’s most popular communication method, and it’s one that anyone can use without disclosing any personal information.

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It’s this last point that makes email different from other online services, such as Facebook and Twitter, which require users to sign up with their real names and provide contact information. It’s also why Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and other messaging apps have become so popular — you can use them without revealing your identity.

But email isn’t just for anonymous people. It’s also use by people who want to protect their privacy or avoid spam from spammers who harvest emails from public sources like social media profiles or mailing lists.

Email addresses aren’t tie to any single device or service provider — they’re just strings of text that can be use anywhere on the internet, so there’s no way for an organization to track where an email came from unless it requires additional authentication (like SMS verification) in order to send an email at all


is the most secure option on this list because it has no access to your data and was design with security in mind. If you want maximum privacy, this is the best choice available. The downside of ProtonMail is that it’s not free — it costs $5 per month or $48 per year.


Mailfence is another good option if you want more security than what’s offer by Gmail or but don’t want to pay for it with ProtonMail’s monthly fee. This service has been around since 2013 and has millions of users worldwide, so it’s proven itself over time as a reliable email provider with strong privacy policies that protect user data from government requests for information (which are common under today’s surveillance state). There are also no advertisements on this site at all — just clean design with all the features you need without any unnecessary bells and

In this day and age, it’s pretty common to be require to enter your phone number when you sign up for a free email account. While this makes sense from a security standpoint, it can be quite annoying if you want to use a new disposable email address.

Fortunately, there are still some services that don’t require a mobile number, including Gmail and ProtonMail. Here are some other options:


This service provides an unlimited number of disposable emails that you can use as long as you want (as long as they last). There is no signup process; just go directly to the site and log in with any username and password combo (make sure it’s not easy to guess). It has existed for many years without any major security issues — unless you’re using one of its disposable addresses for something important!


This service provides an unlimited amount of free email accounts with 1GB storage each. You only get 10MB per month after that but can pay for more storage if need. The company also offers paid plans with more features like 2-factor authentication and encrypted attachments (these plans start at $2/month).

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