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How To Wear The Pencil Skirt?

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A true chameleon garment, the pencil skirt adapts to every figure and combines wonderfully with our outfits. Emblematic of chic since the 1950s , it enhances our silhouette by elongating the legs and drawing attention to the hips, while adding a decidedly elegant touch to every look. Whether high-waisted or midi , tight-fitting or flared down, closed or slit, here’s how to adopt the pencil skirt on a daily basis.

How to have a casual look with a pencil skirt?

pink and white dress
Image Credit: Stylevore

At first glance, the pencil skirt does not necessarily rhyme with a so-called “casual” style. And for good reason: it is often tight and tight at the knees, which does not facilitate freedom of movement… But nothing to panic, because to any problem there is a simple solution: the slit pencil skirt makes it easy to wear this model while adding a sensual touch to your look of the day. No need even to put on high heels : sneakers , flat sandals, ballet flats – or even tap shoes in summer – allow you to break the somewhat strict and serious side of the pencil skirt.

How to wear the pencil skirt at work?

Despite its glamorous potential, the pencil skirt remains above all an ally for women at work, especially for those who hold public office – we think in particular of the monochrome pencil skirts of Queen Letizia of Spain , or even those of Michelle Obama and by Meghan Markle . You can also opt for a less sober aesthetic thanks to various patterns, patchworks or floral or animal prints. You can very well create your own uniform by combining a pencil skirt with polka dot prints with a blouse decorated with the same pattern. But be careful to keep a good balance.

Avoid superimposing prints that are too different from each other to avoid falling into kitsch . To avoid the fashion faux pas, opt instead for a top in a solid color, which takes up the tones of the color palette of your pencil skirt – or, on the contrary, choose a color that clashes subtly with the colors of your skirt to create a bolder contrast.

How to wear the pencil skirt in the evening?

black pencil skirt
Image Credit: Stylevore

It’s a nice alternative to evening dresses : a tight pencil skirt enhances our unfussy shapes. Easy to wear and combine, it allows you to highlight the waist and the legs, while combining more easily with jackets , blazers or coats than evening dresses. We chose it cut short or midi preferably. It is particularly chic & shocking when worn close to the body in leather or latex with a lace top or in nude tones, as model Pritika Swarup proves .

How to wear the retro version pencil skirt?

The great classic of this look: a black pencil skirt combined with a white short-sleeved blouse worn with a fitted blazer and a pair of patent leather pumps . That said, to avoid falling into the “1950s secretary” look, we prefer to opt for a high- waisted pencil skirt with cut-outs, associated with a tight turtleneck or a fitted white shirt which gives a false pretense of waist size. wasp. A true precursor of bodycon clothes that are worn like a second skin, the ultra-tight pencil skirt forces us to adopt a more elegant and languorous approach, as proven by Gigi Hadid in the total Chanel look or even Jennifer Lopez in a draped pencil skirt.

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