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How You Measuring Your Taxi Business? Try Uber Clone and Measure All Data on Single Click

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Arslan Shah
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Starting a business is not easy. And if you have just begun your operation, it is the right time to get a mobile application. Suppose, you have recently started a taxi business where you offer taxi rentals, on-demand taxis, ride-hailing, and ride-sharing services. Now, everything that you do is truly inspired by the transport industry giant – Uber. However, unlike Uber, you’re managing every bit of data manually because frankly, it takes a lot of money to develop mobile apps. Well, the good news is that now, you can undertake clone app development without spending all your money. Yes! You can get an Uber Clone app at a very inexpensive cost. 

But, will this app help you measure your business success like the traditional way? I’d like to say that having a taxi booking app would equip us with advanced reporting and analytics tools. Moreover, you can measure these factors to measure the success and work on business improvements accordingly. 

taxi booking app

Factors to Measure the Success of Your On-demand Taxi Business

These are the important factors that you must consider while measuring your business’s success. 

Price surging

Surging is basically the increase in the fare or price of the trip. The external factors play a role in creating a situation where the demand for taxis is high but the available resources are low! For instance

  • Heavy rains make it hard for the drivers to do the job. 
  • Rush hours mean that the demand for taxis is at its highest peak making it difficult to fulfill all the ride requests. 
  • Road blockages due to construction can lead to increased traffic. 

Thus, if your prices are constantly surging, it means you’re going to gain extra revenue from the Uber Clone app

Fast and functional

Your taxi booking app must be quick and functional. This sophistication will help the users and driver have a smoother experience. Moreover, if you provide quick speed and easy-to-use functions, people will recommend the app to others. This loop will go on and eventually, you’ll see your sales (the number of rides) skyrocketing!

Waiting time

In today’s era, no one likes to wait. So, if you think that your customers will wait more than 5 minutes for the taxi then, you are wrong. Thus, having an app will help your customers to find rides as quickly as possible plus, the admin can track the average waiting time. 

The success mantra is – to keep your customers happy because they are the KING, you don’t want to upset them. 

Trip acceptance ratio

Uber Clone can also help you track and maintain the trip acceptance ratio. Basically, it is the number of times the taxi driver accepted the request divided by the total number of trips. Having this ratio handy will help you improve the overall performance of the driver and simultaneously, your services. 

User’s ratings 

The user rating is yet another important thing. These ratings will give you a clearer picture of the services provided and conceived by the users. A lower-than-expected rating will clearly indicate that you need to improve quite a few things in your business’s service delivery. 

Apart from these factors, the on-demand taxi booking app also provides you access to: 

  • Advanced reports 

Here, you can check your earnings. Measure where you need to put effort such as increase the commission or undertake rigorous marketing? In brief, this report will help you better your business. 

  • Advanced analytics 

The feature of advanced analytics of Uber Clone allows you to keep track of all the user and driver activities. It can be – the number of rides booked, the commission earned, and also checkout the customer behavior! 


To conclude, I’d only like to suggest you go to a white-labeling firm. This firm will help you not only build a perfect and the most affordable app but also give your excellent after-sales support. 
Get the Uber Clone app today!

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