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Insight, Keet, InSync, and Third-Party Integrations with Clinicient EMR

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Clinicient EMR’s most important features include Insight, Keet and InSync. Clinicient EMR’s intuitive tools allow practices to automate their operations and streamline the revenue cycle. Clinicient Insight helps practices to follow industry best practices while reducing administrative time by as much as two-thirds. Its intuitive tool set allows practices to focus on patient care and reduce administrative time. The software also offers business coaching to practice owners, and allows practices to increase their revenue cycle.


Clinicient insight Go software, a web-based intelligent EMR for outpatient rehabilitation facilities. The multiple features of Insight, such as billing and patient registrations, streamline operations and save time. Insight can also be integrated with other hospital systems. Insight is available for free to customers, who are encouraged and encouraged to test it before purchasing. Clinicient EMRInsight has many advantages.

Clinicient’s EMR Insight software allows therapists to easily create detailed documentation for their patients. It’s fully compliant with Medicare regulations, and it is easy to customize. It is specifically designed for Outpatient Rehabilitation practices. The web-based software allows therapists to access their notes and records online, so they can complete their work from anywhere.


It is easy to integrate Clinicient EMR and Keet. You will first need to setup the integration. Enter the Clinicient database ID and External ID for your practice. Once you have these details, click “Enable Integration” in the Integration Wizard. Keet will match the ID to an Organization. After integration has been enabled, the Practitioner’s Episode will be assigned to the supervising provider or treating therapist.

Both companies complement each other. Keet offers patient engagement solutions, including secure messaging and digital health plans. Keet streamlines patient/clinic communication and provides metrics to increase clinic awareness. Clinicient and Keet can work together to provide patients with a connected experience. Keet will offer secure messaging via tablet devices. All applications that are integrated with Clinicient EMR Keet continue to be supported by Clinicient EMR Keet.


InSync Clinicient EMR and Clinicient are two options for electronic medical records (EMR) systems. Both EMR systems can be used to simplify care delivery and improve business performance. There are many options for rehab therapy software. You can choose from EMRs for occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech-language pathology and many other areas. The guidelines and regulations for Medicare physical therapy billing are incorporated into both EMRs.

EMR systems are often equipped with decision-support systems to assist practitioners in making treatment decisions. EMR systems also include integrated decision-making tools to aid in maintaining detailed records. This software is a great tool for medical offices to reduce overheads and correct errors in patient charts. It can be costly so make sure to carefully evaluate the system before you decide on which one. InSync Clinicient EMR can be configured in standalone or hosted configurations.

Integrations with third party systems

EMR integration must be possible for a clinic. EMR integration refers to the process of connecting different software programs to exchange data. This facilitates the exchange of clinical data and allows for coordination and communication. Many of the data generated by clinics is inaccessible or difficult to understand if it is kept in different silos. Integrating data can make it easier to use data from multiple sources to improve patient care and increase revenue. It also provides insight into the practice. EMR integrations are an essential part of clinical workflow. Clinics can take advantage of services such as enhanced billing and payments, video conferencing and department-specific features.

Clinicient Insight integrates with third-party software. Clinicient Insight allows medical practices to automate billing and compliance by tightly coupling their clinical documentation with charge capture. The documentation supporting claims will be available for all claims. Clinicient Insight costs $50 per user per month.

Learning curve

Clinicient EMR is a great choice if you are considering changing from an EMR system. This software is a good option for small practices, and can help improve patient care and increase revenue. This software does not require any formal training. Clinicient offers technical support via email and phone, but it does not provide pricing information. However, Clinicient’s user reviews are mostly positive and show that the platform is intuitive and easy to use.

We were impressed by the ease of use during our initial trial of the new system. It was easy to schedule appointments and patients could fax notes from the EMR. The online platform can be used to manage administrative tasks even if we’re not physically present in the office. The online platform is not as good as the desktop application. The onsite support staff was also very helpful. It was extremely helpful in our transition from the old EMR system to a new one.


Clinicient can help your business succeed, whether you are just starting out or looking for a complete therapy EMR system. Clinicient’s complete solution streamlines every aspect of outpatient therapy, including workflow tools and automated processes. It also provides payer intelligence. Clinicient’s platform is able to help businesses of any size increase their reimbursements, reduce turnaround times and store millions of patient records. Clinicient has processed over a billion of insurance claims. Clinicient’s platform allows users to monitor the performance of their practices and see the impact of every decision made.

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Clinicient’s Total Intelligence solution costs vary depending on how many users are using it and how many visits the practice receives each month. Clinicient’s prices vary depending on which suite of tools you choose. Prices range from $59 per month for one user to $1,399 per person for the whole team. Total Insight costs $50 more per month . Clinicient’s billing software, EMR solutions and other services are included.

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