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Kedarkantha Trek: Temperature and Weather Guide (Season Wise)

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Kedarkantha Trek: Temperature and Weather Guide (Season Wise)


Perched at a height of 3,850 meters and nestled snugly in the arms of the Tons River Valley, the world famous Kedarkantha makes for an iconic trek. With very low temperatures and cool weather throughout the year, this place attracts thrill seekers and daredevils all over the world.

As the temperature of Kedarkanth remains between -2 and 17 degrees Celsius throughout the year, the place offers different charms in different months. This spectacular mountain destination has something in store for tourists regardless of the season that visits the place.

While Kedarkantha features stunning green meadows in summer, it blooms with colorful flowers during monsoons and while the place boasts of crimson sun rays and brown leaves in autumn, it makes for the most amazing trek in winter. As the weather of Kedarkantha remains mildly cool for most of the year, this place welcomes tourists during all can also visit buran ghati .

Kedarkantha temperature and weather during summer: April, May and June

During the summer months of April, May and June, the weather in Kedarkantha remains cool and pleasant, making it an ideal time for sightseeing. 

During summer, the Kedarkantha trek boasts of a spectacular lush landscape filled with many varieties of colorful flowers. The month of April bids farewell to the remaining winter snow and the tracks boast breathtaking greenery.

The month of May brings the real summer charm of Kedarkantha which makes the place look really inviting with the sweet fragrance of freshly blooming flowers wrapped in the atmosphere. During this time, the chill is perfectly tolerable and there is very little chance of precipitation.

The month of June adorns the peaks of the mountains in full glory and covers the entire valley with colorful flowers. At this time, tourists have the opportunity to trek among the majestic pine and oak trees.

Average temperature in summer: Day and night –

The average temperature of Kedarkanth remains around 20 degrees Celsius during the day and 6 degrees Celsius at night during the summer season.

Temperature and Weather of Kedarkantha during Monsoon: July, August and September

Monsoons bring moderate to heavy rainfall to the valley and the temperature of Kedarkanth generally maintains a stable average of around 12 degrees Celsius. There are occasional landslides at this location, making hiking difficult.

However, many adventure seekers like to push the limits and head to the top to catch a glimpse of the stunning monsoon views of this magnificent valley. During this time, the weather of Kedarkantha remains cloudy and humid, while the landscape is covered with enticing greenery.

The month of July marks the arrival of monsoons in Kedarkanth and the trails become sloppy. At this moment, the deep blue sky turns completely dark and the majestic Himalayas rise magnificently, providing a powerful view of the entire region.

The month of August brings abundant rains to Kedarkantha and gray clouds form a mantle over the mighty Himalayas. The region blooms with a myriad of colorful flowers that look even brighter with tiny water droplets sprinkled on their petals. The month of September brings relatively less rainfall to this place and the weather generally remains cloudy and pleasant during this time.

Average temperature in summer: Day and night

The average temperature of Kedarkanth remains around 17 degrees Celsius during the day and 4 degrees Celsius at night, during the monsoons.

Temperature and weather of Kedarkantha during autumn: October and November

During the autumn months of October and November, the temperature of Kedarkanth remains between 0 to 15 degrees Celsius and the weather remains almost clear. The green leaves gradually begin to dry and eventually fall.

The color of the lush meadows slowly turns brown, giving it a completely different look. This is the most ideal time for trekking beginners as the weather remains pleasant and the landscape offers majestic views of the Himalayas.

During October, Kedarkantha looks very inviting with lots of varieties of colorful flowers blooming under crimson sun rays. The month of November means the arrival of winter, which attracts novice tourists. During this time, the cold is still bearable and tourists get an opportunity to trek amidst the magnificent views of the Himalayan ranges.

Average temperature in summer: Day and night

The average temperature of Kedarkanth remains around 15 degrees Celsius during the day and 2 degrees Celsius at night, during autumn.

Kedarkantha temperature and weather: December, January, February and March

Winters bring the best of Kedarkantha trek and invite lots of tourists from all over the world. During this time the temperature of Kedarkanth is maintained between -2 to 12 degrees Celsius and the place gets covered with thick white snow. Due to high snowfall, the weather in Kedarkantha becomes cold. The entire region offers an unreal and dreamlike sight that will captivate every visitor.

The month of December marks the beginning of fresh snow in Kedarkantha. Due to the easy accessibility of the trek, a huge number of tourists flock here during this time to walk slowly on the fresh snow amid the breathtaking natural scenery.

The month of January brings frequent snowfall to this place and adds excitement to the trekking experience. At this time, the slopes are also the perfect destination for skiing. February is the most exciting tourist experience with a very high probability of snowfall.

During this month, the place receives little sunlight during the day, while the temperature of Kedarkanth drops drastically at night. The trek remains covered with snow even during the month of March and trekkers can enjoy breathtaking views of the snow-capped white mountains.

Average temperature in summer: Day and night

The average temperature in Kedarkantha remains around 10 degrees Celsius during the day and -2 degrees Celsius at night during the winter season.

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