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Kodachadri Trek: The Beauty and the History

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Table of Contents:

1) Introduction.

2.) Some highlights from the region.

3.) The best time to go.

4.) Things needed to make the trek.

5) First aid essentials.

6) conclusion.


The famous Kodachadri trek is located inside the District of Shimoga located located in Karnataka. The summit is believed to be among the most beautiful hikes within Karnataka state since it is located within the Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary. The Kodachadri trek gives you an adventure, a spirit-filled and unforgettable adventure that will live in your memory. The trek will take you through a variety of charming communities, lush grasslands beautiful waterfalls, tiny paddy fields and Dense tropical forests that will make you look at it over and over again in the real world.

If you choose to take an up-close view, you can clearly see that the summit is surrounded by the lush green grasslands and hills that abut it.

To explore and make your journey more enjoyable, you must definitely go to the temple that is in the vicinity, which was nearly built many thousands of years ago and this creates a temple that is more authentic and attractive in appearance. Let’s put the topic to ourselves for a bit and consider a trek through the oldest part of the city and hearing its tales which date back to the 7th AD.

According to reports that it is believed that the Kodachadri trek is famous due to the famous theologian and philosopher Adi Shankara who toured here and meditated on the summit.

All the options in one go isn’t it amazing?

Naturally, it is because the trek is filled with enjoyment and fun, combining historic aspects. We’ll explore more details about the gorgeous Kodachadri trek.

Highlights of the Kodachadri trek place.

1.) The view of green hills.

2.) Gorgeous waterfalls of the hidlumane.

3.) Mythology and the temple mookambika.

4.) A dense forest of shola.

1.) The view of green hills.

The green hills that roll around make the scenery more real and real. That’s what makes it so much more spectacular in comparison to other trekking spots. The hills are enclosed by lush green grasslands that are spread in a distinct manner throughout the area you see. The kodachadri trekking grasslands are dotted with a variety of green, i.e. pin-green, parakeet, and emerald. The trek’s height is 5,735ft and it through the thick Shola forest along the route.

2.) Gorgeous waterfalls of the hidlumane.

The breathtaking waterfalls of water will leave you in awe with the sight. The striking sight of cold , frozen water flowing down is among the most breathtaking sights you’ll ever see on the hike.

3.) Mythology and the temple Mookambika.

The historical background of this temple can reveal numerous things about the stories that have been told about the temple. This temple Mookambika was constructed in the name of the goddess Mookambika who fought against the demon Mookasura and defeated him later in the same time. It is located on the top of the Kodachadri which is completely obscured by clouds and fog between dawn and dusk.

4.) The thick Shola forest.

The trek takes you through the magnificent dense tropical forest of Shola situated within the western part of the ghats. Additionally, in the Mookambika Wildlife sanctuary many flora and fauna can be seen.

Best time to go.

The ideal time to go on Kodachadri trek is from September to January. Kodachadri trek is between September through January, as during this time, it makes the environment more relaxing and beautiful.

All items required for the trek.

Your identity cards are required.

– Sunglasses, scarf, caps.

Water bottles that are nearly 2 Liters.

– ORS powder.

Highly nutritious snacks.

Whistle and rubber band emergency majors.

Tops and t-shirts made of cotton to ensure you’re comfortable while trekking.

– Sunscreen (SPF 50+) for skin protection.

Plastic covers to wrap electronic devices in the rainy the monsoon season.

Essential first aid requirements.

– Crepe bandage.

– Scissors.

Cotton roll.

Micropore tape.

Tablets to treat acidity and motion sickness.

Antiseptic powder and liquid.

– Medical tape

Mild pain relief medicine

– Analgesic spray

All of these are essential first aids that should be carried along in the event of a trek or an outing.


I hope this article was helpful in understanding the beauty and the history of the exciting Kodachadri trek.

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