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Latest Trends in Window Treatment for 2022

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Window treatment trends evolve as per the evolution in technologies, materials, varieties, and also the types of houses. There is a lot of heavy leaning towards integrating intelligent home technologies for window covering treatment, while in terms of material and design, everyone wants sustainable, eco-friendly solutions. In a world where things go out of fashion every week, it is essential that the window treatment can outlast trends and styles. 

Shopping for window treatment requires consideration not only of the design and look but also of how well it serves the functionalities of an apt window covering. It helps to have a guide on finding a window treatment that will fulfill both style and functionality needs for 2022 and a few more years after that. 

Here are Latest Trends in Window Treatment for 2022


Overflowing into this year will be the demand for multifunctionality in window treatment. Both commercial and residential space owners are looking for a window covering that will provide privacy, block out the sun, and add to the interior décor. Some popular alternatives in multifunctional window treatments will be dual shades, sheer layered drapery, and plantation shutters. These window treatment alternatives give greater control over the functionalities, giving one the power to control the room temperature and set the vibes. 

Customizable designs

An extension to multifunctionality is customizations that will suit different types of windows. With so many window treatment alternatives in the market and the variety of window dimensions in new houses and office spaces, customers have come to expect customization for window treatments. Window treatment experts can recommend different ways to decorate windows to meet specific customer needs. Many alternatives available in the number of patterns, fabrics, and various lift systems offer operating convenience and design choices.


Minimalist design and maximum functions are the year’s mantras for window treatments. Everyone is looking for simple, understated designs. Some exciting additions to this trend are the combi shades, horizontal blinds, and roller shades. Their sleek, modern design, coupled with the number of functions they serve to cut UV rays, offer privacy, and better light and temperature control in the room. Sheer shades are also a popular option that allows natural light to come in a while providing desired privacy. Their soft, flowing fabrics, especially in Roman shades, offer an elegant minimalistic solution that will blend seamlessly with the window and the room décor. 

Colors and Prints

Bold colors and patterns are being avoided, although people lean heavily towards colorful window treatments. Color is the perfect way to express once unique tastes, and window covering treatment in Riverside Counties’ choices lately have been all about fun prints and patterns. Many are picking luxuriously textured woven fabrics that presents in rich colors. When appropriately used, muted grays, bright orange, and blues add a graceful touch to the room. Bright colors are natural mood elevators, so don’t be afraid to experiment. 

Smart technology enhancement

Innovative home technologies have made window treatment operations fun and efficient. You can control your window covering with your remote control or voice commands if you have innovative home equipment powered by Alexa or Siri. One can set alarms for how much of the window covering you must leave open or shut. It makes the window treatment energy efficient by automatically opening or shifting the window treatment as per the sun’s movement. You can cut the sun’s glare on your computer screen through voice commands asking the window covering to be lowered. 

Eco-friendly solutions 

While window treatments made from natural fibers such as bamboo, wood, jute, etc., have been around for many years, there is increased adoption of sustainably produced materials for window treatments. Businesses and homeowners are making responsible choices toward planning eco-friendly décor. As technology improves, the environment-friendly window dressing quality is also improving.

Natural materials offer an earthy aesthetic that adds a rustic vibe to the space. At the same time, they also bring home certain grace and elegance when juxtaposed against the natural home décor. Besides the natural fibers, one can go for upcycled or recycled material. Shutters made from recycled and reinforced PVC or reclaimed wood last long. They are sturdy and easy to maintain. 

Privacy shades

These are made of one large, solid panel that blocks the outside view and provides privacy in the room. It is recommended by a window treatment expert in Riverside Counties for street-facing rooms. You can draw them from the bottom-up, which means the room view gets block from the outside, but light can filter in from above. 

Many of these trends are here to stay, so one needn’t consider their long-term value in style and fashion.

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