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ทดลองเล่นสล็อต PG ซื้อฟรีสปิน What Muscles Are Worked by Leg Presses Machine?

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If you’ve seen a leg press machine at the gym, you might be curious about the muscles it targets, how to use it, and whether it can help you achieve your fitness objectives.

According to NASM-certified CPT Erica Enarusai, “Leg presses are a seated leg exercise where your feet are placed flat on a weighted platform, and you push the weight away from you.”

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Leg presses can be “more stable than a traditional barbell or free-weight squats and squat variations” because they are performed on a machine, according to Lin Robinson, a NASM-certified CPT.

What Muscles are Worked by Leg Presses?

Types Of Leg Press Machines And Their Use

The leg press is a triple-extension exercise, requiring a simultaneous extension of the lower body’s ankle, knee, and hip joints.

A 2017 study published in the International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy defined triple extension as the simultaneous extension of the hip, knee, and ankle in plantar flexion. The study found that these biomechanics support a strong push-off during running. Additionally, combining these motions is necessary in order to jump, sprint, and change directions.

The quads, hamstrings, glutes, and even the calves are all worked during the leg press, just like they are during other triple-extension exercises, according to Enarusai.

Leg presses’ Advantages

Leg presses, according to Robinson, “target the quadriceps with less stress on the core and back than in a traditional squat.” Anyone seeking the support and control that the machine helps to provide will find them especially helpful.

Nevertheless, according to Enarusai, “Anyone looking to improve their specific leg strength or muscle size could incorporate them.” Your back is supported, allowing you to concentrate entirely on your quadriceps.

Leg presses and squats were contrasted in a 2018 study published in The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness. The study discovered that over the course of 10 weeks, the leg press helped the male adult participants gain strength and balance.

However, squats performed marginally better than leg presses in terms of strength gains.

Two Different Leg Press Machine Types

Types Of Leg Press Machines And Their Use

You might come across one of two types of leg press machines at the gym:

Your feet are placed on the platform of the horizontal cable leg press machine at chest level. A cable is used to adjust the resistance. The weight is then moved outward horizontally. In this variation, as you press, the weight is not loaded onto your upper body.

“The ability to load heavier weights onto each type of machine makes a significant distinction between them. Easy weight loading is possible with the horizontal machine “, Enarusai said.

Alternately, on this piece of equipment, your feet are positioned at a 45-degree angle above you on the platform.

Additional resistance can be added by using weight plates. Your legs will be diagonally pointing upward. Your body has to work against gravity and any additional weight while pressing. When using this machine, it’s ideal to have a spotter whenever possible.

How to Perform a Leg Press Properly

Types Of Leg Press Machines And Their Use

In order to get the most out of a leg press (and to perform it safely), it’s critical to pay attention to form and technique:

1. Configure the Device

In order to “sit comfortably and maintain stability during the workout,” Robinson advised, adjusting the seat on both machines.

Put the pin in at the desired weight when using a cable leg press machine.

Add weight by adding plates to the incline leg press machine. Enarusai advised aiming for three to four sets of 10 reps and beginning with a weight you feel comfortable lifting.

The right rep range for a particular person will depend on their goals, she continued, adding that 10 reps can be a moderate rep range for athletes.

She advised choosing a weight that felt light enough to allow you to complete all of your reps during your first set without stopping. Without sacrificing your form, “by set three or four, it should feel more challenging but still doable.” If in doubt, start light and add weight as you go.

2. Decide on Your Position

Sit down on the machine and spread your feet shoulder-width apart in the middle of the platform, according to Robinson. The seat should be flat against your back and head. Avoid arching your back or getting up from the seat.

3. Open the safety latch

“You may have to press the weight up and release the safety clasp” if you’re using an incline leg press machine, advised Enarusai. Typically, handles are located on the sides.

4. Stretch Your Legs

Enarusai suggested contracting your core and exhaling as you start to push the weight away from you. Then, Robinson continued, extend your legs until they are almost completely straight.

5. You Should Kneel

Start bending your knees slowly and steadily until your legs are at a 90-degree angle. Enarusai instructed him to breathe in as the weight moved back toward him. Make sure your hips and back are immobile as you lower the weight, Robinson advised.

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