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Major features of heavy bus simulator

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Bus simulation game is one of the best bus simulator games for android. The game has 70 challenging levels and fully detailed 3D bus. You can also drive through a realistic environment, manage realistic weather conditions and real traffic systems in this game.

Bus simulation game

Bus simulation games are a type of simulation game. They are a subgenre of the larger genre known as transport simulations, which itself is an umbrella term for many types of games that simulate vehicles (such as trains and boats) or public transportation.

Bus simulation games generally revolve around managing the operations and maintenance of large buses, such as school buses and airport buses. While some bus simulators may allow players to drive their own bus routes, others focus on managing the overall operation from behind-the-scenes such as arranging schedules for drivers or determining where new facilities should be built based on demand.

Bus simulators can also be found under different subgenres depending on what you’re looking for: train simulators have been around since at least 1992 with the release of Microsoft Train Simulator; vehicle simulations include trucking simulators like 18 Wheels Of Steel Extreme Trucker 2 which puts players in control over a fleet of semi trailers; ship simulations let you captain large cargo vessels across oceans (or even space); and even flight simulators let you take off into outer space in real life!

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Fully detailed 3D bus

This game is a fully detailed 3D bus simulator. It has realistic 3D graphics and environment, real-world weather conditions, traffic jams, and realistic steering and physics. All the sounds are recorded from the original sources. The game uses an advanced controller that gives you full control over your bus with just one finger on each hand – perfect for playing on tablets or phones!

Realistic environment

The game features a realistic environment with different weather conditions, such as rain and thunderstorms. There are also many types of traffic in the city: cars, trucks, buses and motorcycles. Your mission is to drive your bus in the right lane to avoid accidents with these vehicles. The steering system can be adjusted according to different road conditions so that you will feel more comfortable when driving on challenging terrains like mountain roads or off-road trails.

The 3D graphics are very impressive and make it easier for players to identify their surroundings clearly even when they’re stuck in traffic jams during rush hour! This feature not only improves gameplay experience but also enhances realism by helping players visualise what’s going on around them as if they were actually riding this bus through real streets filled with various obstacles lying ahead – just like driving around town would be if there weren’t any rules about safe driving practices being followed

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70 challenging levels

There are 70 challenging levels in the game. As you progress, the levels get more difficult and have different goals, rewards, obstacles and objectives. There are also different bus models that you can control to complete the various stages of Heavy Bus Simulator. The level design is very detailed and realistic with all kinds of environments such as city streets or rural areas. The vehicles used in this game will also change depending on what level you are playing on; some levels might use buses while others might use trucks or vans instead!

Realistic steering system

The realistic steering system plays the most important role in this game. You will be able to control your vehicle with extreme precision and make sharp turns. There are two types of vehicles, buses and trucks and each has its own unique features and functions. The physics engine is designed in such a way that you will have an authentic experience of driving heavy vehicles in a real world environment. The sound effects are also quite realistic which adds more thrill to the game play.

There are various other aspects of this game which add more fun to it like:

  • Realistic sounds
  • Realistic controls
  • Realistic graphics

The above-mentioned features make Heavy Bus Simulator one of the best bus driving games out there!

Realistic weather conditions

Weather conditions can affect the game play and the bus driver, as well as other factors. For example, a rainy day will make it hard for traffic to see you. Snowy days will make it harder for you to drive your bus safely because of slippery roads and icy patches that could cause you to skid out of control. Traffic congestion can get worse on stormy days, making it more difficult for buses to navigate through traffic jams caused by accidents or snowplows clearing roads of snow drifts blocking lanes of traffic. Weather conditions also affect visibility so that drivers may not be able to see far ahead at night when there is fog and reduced visibility due to rain or snow falling from above them (which also affects their windshield wipers).

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Realistic traffic system

The traffic system in the Heavy Bus Simulator is designed to be realistic. It has been modelled after real-life traffic patterns and behaviour, allowing you to drive through dense urban areas without too much hassle or difficulty.

Heavy Bus Simulator is one of the best bus simulation games for android.

Heavy Bus Simulator is one of the best bus simulation games for android. It is a very realistic game with many features and challenging levels. You will have to complete all the levels in order to win this game. The graphics of this game are great and it has been designed perfectly by the developers so that you can enjoy playing it on your smartphones or tablets without any problem at all!

When you play Heavy Bus Simulator, you will be able to control a real heavy bus as well as light vehicles such as trucks and cars. This makes it really interesting for people who love driving these vehicles because they get a chance to experience what it feels like before actually getting behind the wheel of one themselves!


Heavy Bus Simulator is one of the best bus simulation games for android. It has many features, which make it different from other bus simulators. If you like driving a bus or want to learn about how it works, then this game is for you.

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