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MBBS In China Medical University At Reasonable Fee

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Chinese Medical University

In 1931, the Chinese Medical University was founded in Shenyang, the People’s Republic of China. To this day, thanks to careful planning and detail, the university stands out as a landmark in medical education. It is one of the most sought-after medical institutions in China. It is one of the first schools to introduce undergraduate training in MBBS in China Medical University.

MBBS at Chinese Medical University Facts and Figures

The campus covers an area of 1,930,000 square meters.

Its academic staff, numbering 6,657, has been carefully selected and is the pride of the university.

Visiting professors from the world’s leading medical institutions work here continuously.

The university has 8,220 undergraduate students, 8,220 postgraduate students, 933 postdoctoral students, and 2,482 postgraduate students.

It is located in

Shenyang is the capital and largest city of Liaoning Province in northeastern China. The city boasts a world-famous landmark, the magnificent Mukden Palace (the Imperial Palace in Shenyang), which is a fusion of Manchu and Tibetan architectural styles. The tombs of the Qing Dynasty emperors are located in the Zhaoling Tombs amidst the pine forests and lakes of Beiling Park.


The Chinese Medical University has nearly 19 faculties or departments. Some of the different disciplines are listed below.


School of Dentistry

 School of Public Health

 School of Pharmacy

 School of Nursing

 School of Medical Informatics

 First Clinical School

 School of Basic Sciences

 Fourth Affiliated Hospital

 School of Basic Medical Sciences


 Basic medicine

 Clinical Medicine



 Public Health

 Preventive Medicine

Benefits of using MBBS from Chinese Medical University

 The university is ranked 345th in the world, 55th in Asia, and 10th in China.

 The university has state-of-the-art laboratories.

 The Chinese Medical University has many research centers.

 There is a constant flow of foreign academics visiting the university to provide greater global exposure.

 Very strict selection criteria for each faculty member.

 It is one of the leading medical universities in the People’s Republic of China.

 Courses are taught in English for international students.

 Very high ranking among universities offering MBBS-related programs.

 Given the high value of the education offered, the tuition fee structure is nominal and very competitive.

 The accommodation and boarding offer was very well received by all students.


Chinese government scholarships

International students studying in China are eligible for Chinese government scholarships awarded by the China Scholarship Council (CSC). They are awarded to students who are enrolled or studying at universities affiliated with the CSC. The CSC’s online application system operates from December to April each year. Each CSC-affiliated university has different application deadlines. Completion of the online application is mandatory for students applying for Chinese government scholarships.

There are currently 289 universities in China that offer various programs in science, technology, fine arts, philosophy, economics, medicine, law, agriculture, history, literature and management under the CSC scholarship program at all levels.

Chinese Government Scholarship Programs

1. Bilateral program

This program provides full or partial scholarships to students under educational exchange agreements between the Chinese government and other governments, institutions or international organizations. The program supports undergraduate and postgraduate students, academics and senior academics.

Applicants must apply for study abroad at the sending institution in their home country.

2. Chinese university program

This scholarship program is aimed at designated Chinese universities and certain provincial authorities in certain provincial areas to recruit foreign students for postgraduate studies in China. The program supports students at the undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels.

To be eligible for a scholarship, students must apply to a university under this program.

3. The Great Wall of China Program.

This United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) scholarship program supports students and researchers from developing countries who wish to study and conduct research in China. The program supports both basic and advanced researchers. Applicants for this program should contact the National Commission for UNESCO in their country.

4th EU Program.

This is a full scholarship program that encourages students from EU member states to study and conduct research in China. The program also focuses on promoting mutual understanding between China and EU member states. The program supports undergraduate students, graduate students, general researchers, and senior researchers.

Applicants in this category should contact the Education and Culture Department of the Delegation of China to the EU.

5. AUN Program

The AUN Program (ASEAN University Network) provides opportunities for students, faculty, and researchers from ASEAN member countries to study and conduct research in China. The program provides full scholarships for students and promotes academic exchange and mutual understanding between China and ASEAN member states. It is open only to postgraduate students who apply to the AUN Secretariat.

6. The PIF Program.

This is a full scholarship program designed to enable students from Pacific Island countries to study in China. The program is open to undergraduate and graduate students, general researchers, and experienced researchers. Applications can be submitted to the Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) Secretariat.

7. WHO Program.

This program supports international students to conduct research and study in the fields of meteorology, hydrology, and water resources monitoring and management in China in collaboration with the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). The program is open to undergraduate and postgraduate students only. Applicants must apply to the WMO.


Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens and have a valid passport and a valid visa to study in China.

Applicants must provide an HSK certificate as proof of their Chinese language proficiency. However, this may be relaxed for applicants applying for classes in English.

Applicants must comply with university and Chinese government regulations.

Applicants for undergraduate programs must be under 28 years of age and provide proof of high school graduation.

Applicants for postgraduate programs must be under 40 years old, have a bachelor’s degree, and provide two letters of recommendation from professors.

Applicants for doctoral programs must have a postgraduate degree and be under 45 years of age. Two letters of recommendation from professors must be submitted.

Students whose application forms are received by mid-June will be validated and selected by the expert group and the relevant academic team. Students must apply online for a university scholarship by the end of June. After reviewing the applications, scholarships are awarded in September each year. All application procedures are handled by the provincial authority where the university is located.

Universities in the oblast receive funding and support from the Oblast Ministry of Education based on the number of students receiving scholarships. If a student fails to comply with school or state regulations, the school has the right to report the student to the Ministry of Education, and the student’s scholarship is considered terminated immediately.

Universities and colleges must submit a comprehensive report of the student’s evaluation to the provincial administration, which then decides whether or not to award the student a scholarship for the following year. This report must be submitted in writing by the end of May.

Required documents for Chinese government scholarships

Completed application form

Certified copy of the highest diploma/qualification certificate

Copy of passport

Letter of recommendation from a teacher, if required

Study plan

Copy of transcript (scanned in color and ready)

Foreign health certificate

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