Wednesday, September 28, 2022 Rolls out Brand new CRM for Sales Teams

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Work management platform has launched a brand new CRM tool catering to sales teams looking for a new, dynamic approach to managing customer relationships.

Perhaps most famous for its project management software app, monday’s CRM offering will bring the same levels of customization to sales teams working with clients and customers.

Thanks to seamless integrations with various other popular services, it’s unlikely many teams will have to make any great changes to fit monday Sales CRM into their tech infrastructure. fashioncushion

A New Option for Sales Teams

The new CRM platform has been created on top of monday’s customizable no-code framework, called “Work OS,” which some teams were already using to create functional customer relationship management systems.

Now, there’s a dedicated program — at least for sales teams, that is.

“Built on’s flexible low-code/no-code framework” the company explains in an announcement, “monday sales CRM is a fully customizable CRM that can be implemented within minutes.”

The work management company goes on to say the product is designed to empower “business owners and sales teams to manage every aspect of their sales cycle and customer data in one centralized place.” seafiremedia

What Features Will monday Sales CRM Have?

Just like monday’s project management software, you’ll be able to automate the most menial of tasks and spend your time doing stuff software can’t do — like closing sales leads.

There are also ways to track team and individual goals, and see if you’re hitting the targets you set for the business.

You’ll be able to completely sync your CRM system with your email, and you can even log all your sent emails inside and get notified when someone replies. There’s also a Sales Operations portal and management tools to assist with post-sale activities like onboarding a client.

“As organizations’ digitization continues to evolve rapidly, the need for a unified cross-department customer view becomes more pressing,” said Ron Kimhi, Monday sales CRM Product Lead at We’re building a CRM that is fast, flexible, and breaks down departmental silos to connect teams across entire organizations, which increases efficiency and results.”

Is the best CRM Option?

If you’re part of a sales team looking to expand and grow their operations with the help of a CRM system, just remember: Monday’s new offering isn’t the only one out there.

Depending on the products you’re selling and the number of calls you’re taking on a daily basis, it might not be the best one for your team. For example, if you’re not overly tech-savvy, you may find some of Monday’s customization options intimidating — but if you’ve used a CRM system before, you might find you’ve finally found a program that can be sculpted around your team’s needs.

So, make sure you check out the best CRM systems for small businesses before you hand over any hard-earned cash.

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