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New Rules of EICR London– Electrical Checks Become Mandatory

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Following the new rules of EICR London, after July 1, 2021. UK homeowners will be required to obtain an EICR status report before transferring the property to a new tenant. Effective April 1, 2022, this law applies to all tenants in the UK. This means that the landlord is responsible for the maintenance. And repair of electrical equipment so the tenant can safely own it. Previously, such an electrical test was not mandatory in the UK. Considering that the most common causes of fires in the UK are electrical wiring and equipment breakdowns, these rules apply.

Regular inspections show EICR London or wiring breakdowns, such as overuse of current equipment, poor ground or damaged cables. These checks allow the landlord to take corrective action and keep the electrical equipment safe. Prevent property damage and financial loss and prevent inmates from being harmed. The Electrical Installation Condition Report is intended to protect both the tenant and the landlord.

New rules that landlords must follow

Here are some new rules that EICR London across the UK should be ordering regularly:

  • Have a qualified electrician perform an electrical inspection on all cables and equipment
  • Get an EICR London with test details with the next test date
  • Landlords who have passed the test can hold the certificate for 5 years. And must obtain a new EICR certificate at the end of the term.
  • The landlord must provide the existing tenant with a copy of the certificate within 28 days of the inspection.
  • He needs to give a copy to the new tenant before work
  • He must keep a copy of the request within 7 days of the request.
  • Keep a copy for the next engineer to inspect and renew the certificate
  • If the prospective resident requests a copy of the certificate, the written request must be made within 28 days.

What do engineers prove?

Engineers inspect the electrical components of the property, such as wiring, plug sockets, light bulbs, and fuse boxes. Permanently installed electrical equipment is also monitored.

Points to Remember When Assigning a Test

You need to make sure that the supervisor is a member of the competent plan. Ask the engineer to sign a certificate confirming his or her experience. Insurance details, and eligibility requirements for the latest wiring.

What do engineers want?

The engineer conducting the investigation will find the following:

  • Overloaded electrical equipment\
  • Defective electrical work
  • It checks if there is real land or bond
  • Potential hazards of electric shock or fire

What does the electrical equipment look like in the report?

If repairs are not required, the landlord does not need to take corrective action. If corrective action is required, the report will include the following assignment code:

  • Code 1 (C1): Indicates an accident or injury
  • Code 2 (C2) ፡ can be dangerous.
  • Further examination (F1) ፡ shows an urgent need for further investigation
  • Code 3 (C3): No further work is required, but upgrades are recommended

For codes C1 and C2, corrective measures are required and the electrical device is not considered suitable for further use. Further investigation is required in the case of F1 and the landlord needs to take the necessary action. For C3, no upgrade measures are required, but the owner may make some improvements to make the electrical equipment safer.

It is authorized by the local government

Tenants must provide a copy of the EICR London when requested by the local government. If you need urgent repairs, you will receive a notification from the local government. The landlord must complete the repairs within 28 days. If the landlord does not repair it. The local authority can go in, repair it and claim compensation from the landlord for maintenance costs. The landlord does not comply and the local government has the necessary evidence, the landlord can be fined up to £ 30,000. If further violations occur, you can increase the penalty

This means that there is no report on the condition of the electrical equipment. Landlords who do not report a power outage after July 1, 2020 will be fined up to £ 30,000. A.D. These laws, enacted in the 2004 Housing Act, apply to local governments. 

The landlord is required to take corrective action in accordance with the report’s recommendations. 

They have been given 28 days to take corrective action and in the most urgent cases already. The purpose of the new EICR rules is to make all rental properties safer for tenants. To reduce fires and damage to human life and property. Obtaining an EICR London every five years is in the best interest of the landlord. It also helps the landlord avoid legal disputes with tenants after an accident or fire. We ensure the safety and security of both residents and landlords.

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