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Pin Parvati Trek: Beginners Guide

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Pin Parvati trek is a challenging trek for any trekker from beginners to seasoned. Pin Parvati is also known as the “Snow leopard”.This trek is also difficult. It requires a high level of fitness level. Pin Parvati is situated at a height of 5,319 metres above sea level. This Pass is near Himachal Pradesh. In the Spiti region, this pass connects Kullu to Parvati valley. The total distance for this trek is about 1100 kilometres. In the month of Sommer (January to May) you can experience snowfall here. 

During this time the temperature hovers around 13 to 20 degrees Celsius in the daytime. At night it can drop to -6 to 5 degrees celsius. 

Monsoon (June-September) is the best time for doing this trek. Kullu and Manali experience heavy rainfall but don’t worry because at a higher altitude you can experience warm and sunny weather. One can also experience a bit of snowfall. 

From October to December the temperature dropped 0 degree celsius. 

People who are suffering from high blood pressure, asthma, or heart problems then they should go for a medical checkup first. Trekkers need the ability to carry 12 to 15 kg of weight.

The Pin Parvati trek will give you a lifetime experience. It is an eleven days trek. 

If you love trekking then you can also do hampta pass trek.

Day 1:

On this day you need to take an overnight bus from Delhi to reach Manali. From Manali you need to take the Manali-Leh highway and drive towards Batal via Rohtang.From Gramphu first, take Batal then Kaza road. After reaching Kaza you need to camp here.  On the way, you can explore the picturesque Spiti Valley. It takes 10 to 12 hours to reach Kaza from Manali. Kaza is situated at an altitude of 12,467 feet.

Day 2:

This is your acclimatisation day at Kaza in 3,800 metres

Day 3

Get up early in the morning then get ready. You need to drive from Kaza to Mudh village. This is two hours of drive. After arriving at Mudh village you need to trek towards Tiya which is situated at an altitude of 12,795 feet. This is a moderate trek that needs 2 to 3 hours to complete. Much is the last village and also a wonderful village. After arriving at Tiya you can set your camp here.

Day 4

On this day you need to head towards Shia. Tiya to Shia is a difficult trek. Few sharp ascents make this trail difficult. It takes 5 to 6 hours to reach Shia. Shia is situated at an altitude of 14,763 metres. Shia has enough space for camping. Here you need to be very careful as it is a landslide-prone area.

Day 5

In the morning after having your breakfast start your trek to Pin base. This is situated at an altitude of 15,780 feet. It takes 5 to 6 hours to reach Shia to Pin Base. On the trail, you will face some tough sections. Pin base camp is situated below the Pin glacier.

Day 6

On this day you need to trek towards Pin base camp to the Mantalai(17457 feet) via Pin Parvati pass. It is a difficult trek and takes 11 to 12 hours to cover. Here you need to cover 3 to 4 hours of steep ascent and 3 to 4 hours of descent.  From the Pin, Parvati Pass one can witness both Parvati valley and Pin valley. Both valleys are amazing and pretty. From here you can also explore the Parvati south ridge. ridge peak, snowy peak, pyramid peak, Bara shigri and Kullu Makalu.

After reaching Mantalai, take some rest here. enjoy the beautiful Mantalai lake. Stay at your camp in Mantalai.

Day 7:

Take some rest on this day and enjoy the beautiful Mantalai Lake and its surroundings.

Day 8:

On this day you need to trek from Mantalai to Odi Thach campsite. This campsite is situated at an elevation of 12,517 feet. This is a moderate trek and it takes 4 to 5 hours to complete. After reaching the top of the ridge one can get a view of the Parvati river. The beauty will soak your eyes.

Make your camp on the Odi tech campsite and stay here overnight.

Day 9:

On this day you need to trek towards Odi Thach to Tunda Bhuj. This is situated at an altitude of 10,499 feet. It takes 8 hours to complete. This is an amazing campsite.

Day 10:

On this day you can trek to Kheerganga which is located at an altitude of 9,120 feet. This is a Moderate trek.

Day 11:

From Kheerganga you need to head toward Barshaini. This is situated at an altitude of 7,251 feet. 

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