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Tips for Carrying a Pregnancy Through Surrogacy: The Five Questions You Have to Ask the Surrogate

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In western countries, couples unable to conceive often turn to the practice of gestational surrogacy, the most advanced reproductive technology.

Gestational surrogacy services are the most reliable way for couples unable to have children of their own for many reasons, including infertility, recurrent miscarriages, cancer, or any other medical condition, to accomplish their goal of becoming pregnant. When a couple is considering their choices for having a child through surrogacy, they must inquire about the probability of having a child throw surrogacy.

Before moving forward with a gestational surrogacy arrangement, prospective parents must consider various issues carefully. This post will cover the five most important questions you must ask the surrogate to avoid problems later in the pregnancy.

Are You Engaged in Sexual Activity?

This is a fundamental question to ask a potential surrogate mother because it brings to light the potential dangers the lady could face if the intended parents decide to move forward with the option. 

If the woman is engaging in sexual activity, there is a greater possibility that she will become pregnant before the IVF procedure. There is always the possibility that a candidate is sexually active at the interview.

However, the most excellent way to reduce the risk of sexually transmitted diseases is to ensure that the no-sex provision binds the surrogate mother in the surrogacy agreement.

Have You got Your Kids With You?

Women who have already carried a pregnancy to term are excellent surrogates since this proves that they are mentally and physically prepared to carry a child. 

The ideal option for your goals would be a surrogate who has already carried at least one healthy and successful pregnancy to term. The candidate’s family life should not be disrupted by the new developments, which is another reason why every couple should inquire about the possibility of having surrogate children.

Are You in a Secure Financial Position?

As a result of the ever-increasing need for new moms who can assist in expanding families, the compensation for surrogates and egg donors is exceptionally high. 

Some surrogates bring in thousands of dollars in compensation, mainly when the intended parents are famous people known worldwide. Investigating the family’s financial stability is vital to guarantee that the surrogate will not be interested in the monetary matters of the new parents and will keep their distance from the baby and the family after the delivery.

It is in the couple’s best interest to pursue another choice if it becomes clear that the surrogate’s primary motivation for carrying the couple’s child is the financial compensation that comes with the role.

Have You had A Pap Smear Within The Past Couple of Months?

Surrogates need to be aware of their physiological conditions because the risk of developing breast and uterine cancer has increased in recent years. 

Ask for the most recent Pap smear exam results before deciding on the surrogate. If she has not already done so, perform a smear test on the surrogate immediately. 

Be sure to include vaccinations, tests for liver function and hormones, and any other tests completed on schedule.

Do You Smoke Or Drink?

Any woman’s pregnancy is at risk if she has an addiction to alcohol or smokes during her pregnancy. 

If the prospective parents discover that the surrogate mother’s family has a history of cardiovascular illness or diabetes, they should most likely explore elsewhere for a surrogate mother. 

To an excessive degree, smoking and drinking habits need to be red flags against the surrogacy option.

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