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Role Of Medical Marijuana In Treating The Seizures

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Can medical marijuana treat seizures? Medical cannabis is used to treat various health issues, including epilepsy. This neurological disorder affects the nervous system and can be treated with medical cannabis. Seizures occur when your nerve cell activity is abnormal and results in attacks. If you have seizures, this might result from brain injuries or genetic issues. Suppose you have had at least two seizures and will be diagnosed with epilepsy. Learn more on medical marijuana for seizures.

Endocannabinoids, typically natural cannabinoids, are made by the body and are essential to the functioning of your brain and spinal cord. This is the main component of the central nervous system. The self-created endocannabinoids typically reduce the release of neurotransmitters that tend to activate neurons and help reduce seizures.

Epilepsy and Medical Cannabis Considerations

Based on details regarding medical marijuana on epilepsy foundation, CBD and marijuana use needs to be discussed by the doctor. This is because the combination of medicines is made for each patient, depending on the type of seizures. If you fail to consult the doctor, your risk getting episodes, medication side effects, or other severe complications.

Most people take marijuana through smoking or vaporizing, edibles, dabbing, or CBD products. This is because when smoked or vaped, they are rapidly distributed to your brain and organs without affecting the liver. But this method might not be the best for everyone, especially children. It also has other disadvantages and mental health issues. Since CBD helps treat seizures, extra attention requires on options with a higher ratio of CBD to THC.

Why Use Medical Marijuana to Treat Seizures?

Patients that use medical marijuana in treating seizures help decrease their frequencies, depending on the type of seizure they are experiencing. Other than this, cannabis products help in reducing symptoms such as;

  • Chronic pain
  • Sleep problem
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Spasticity

Based on the epilepsy foundation, you require extra care when using medical cannabis if you currently suffer from high liver enzyme levels three times the normal levels since it is typically metabolizes in the liver. But the liver enzymes believe to reduce even with continue or reduce CBD dosing in the trials.

Knowing the Different Types of Epilepsy

If you experience two or more seizures, you are under the diagnosis of epilepsy. The seizures donot link directly to a head injury or to a familiar cause. Even though the attacks come from the brain, the episodes can also affect other organs. We understand that there is not one diagnosis; therefore, you need specialized testing.

The starting variance in the condition is the type of seizures you might have. Patients need to understand when to receive the treatment since distinct types of attacks treat with different medications. And this includes the medical use of cannabis and cannabinoids.


If you have epilepsy, talk to your doctor to determine if you can use medical marijuana for seizures. This is because some side effects associates with the use of cannabis, especially when smoking it. Suppose you are suffering from attacks and are not responding to the traditional medication. In that case, you can consult your doctor to help explain your options and offer details regarding medical cannabis use in your state. 

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