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Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi | Payment Plan 2022 | Location

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Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi

A new development in Rawalpindi called RUDN Enclave seeks to give its residents a serene and comfortable way of living. The project’s planners and financiers hope to establish this massive undertaking as a standard for modern architecture and service-oriented businesses. One of the ideas for a real residential community being built in Rawalpindi is RUDN Enclave Rawalpindi. It has the necessary living amenities in addition to modern architecture.

The RUDN Enclave Rawalpindi is committed to providing its residents with first-rate services and the newest conveniences. The trendiest project on the real estate market at the moment is the RUDN Enclave Rawalpindi. The architecture is the reason why people of modest means may live comfortably in Rawalpindi’s main metropolis.

RUDN Enclave Rawalpindi
RUDN Enclave Rawalpindi

Rudn Enclave Location

Rudn Enclave is well situated near Mouza Khasala Khurd on Adyala Road in Rawalpindi, close to Khasala Dam. Through Chakri Road, Saddar, and Bahria Town Phase 8 Extension, one can reach this place. As the site is situated between two dams, Khasala Dam and Jawa Dam, future occupants will have access to a plentiful supply of water and will also have a beautiful view of the dam from their home.

The only housing development that will touch both Adyala Road and Chakri Road is Rudn Enclave. The society says it has bought more than 14000 kanals of land, and Chakri Road, directly across from Capital Smart City, will be its access point number two.

RUDN Enclave Rawalpindi
Rudn Enclave Location & Map

Developers & Owners

Thus in the Rawalpindi region, RMRSCO (Pvt.) Limited and National Engineering Services Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited, or NESPAK, developed a noteworthy project known as the Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi. The upscale residential neighborhood of RUDN ENCLAVE was constructed with assistance from some of the top consultants and developers by RMRSCO CEO Mr. Rahim. The organization behind the prosperous GULBERG GREEN project, Urban Planning and Design Limited (UPDL), will also collaborate with RMSCO on the construction of RUDN ENCLAVE.

Rudn Enclave Master Plan

NESPAK was enlisted by the Rudn Enclave Developers to provide planning and consultancy services. The Prime Minister’s House and the New Islamabad International Airport were originally built by NESPAK, a semi-government business. You can get an idea of NESPAK’s profile by looking at its more than 5000 projects within Pakistan and 600 projects outside of Pakistan. To ensure the success of this project, engineers from NESPAK, RMRSCO (Pvt.) Ltd, and UPDL are collaborating closely. The use of NESPAK was intended to stop unauthorized land cutting and overselling.

Residential plots in each of these blocks are 5 Marla, 7 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal in size. Commercial plots in Rudn Enclave are offered for sale in sizes of 4 Marla and 1 Kanal. It is possible to categorize Rudn Enclave Executive Block as a high-end one. The one with the highest price and nicest amenities is this one. H to L are included in this block if you take the additional block divisions. Here are plots of 7 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal. There are two sizes of commercial plots available in Rudn Enclave: 4 Marla and 8 Marla. The Rudn Enclave General Block has designated blocks D and E for Farmhouses. Rudn Enclave plots of 4 and 8 kanals are available for purchase.

RUDN Enclave Rawalpindi
Rudn Enclave Executive Block

General Block

Blocks A through G in the Enclave de Rudn fall under the heading of General Blocks. On the other hand, Blocks A, C, and G have residential sites reserved. Farmhouses may only be built in Blocks D and E. General Blocks are what you encounter when you first enter society. Additionally, these are the places around the Rawalpindi Ring Road that are the most practical. The Ring Road alignment process has temporarily slowed down development in these Blocks. It will quickly revert to the total capacity.

Executive Block

Located on Adiala Road, The Rudn Enclave Executive Block is a recent construction. It starts off Adiala Road and continues all the way to the Jawa Dam. A 200-foot-wide internal central boulevard that connects the two regions will connect this to the General Block and the Ring Road. Society looks up to Executive Clock as a role model. It will provide commercial properties of 4 and 8 Marla as well as residential plots of 7, 10, and 1 Kanal. This particular Block will stand out from the rest because to its first-rate amenities and cutting-edge design. As a result, all of these amenities have been included. Plots larger than 5 Marla are comprised, but plots lower than 5 Marla are not.

Rudn Enclave Payment Plan

The time is now for Rudn Enclave to offer its investors residential and business plots with a workable payment schedule. The poor people in Pakistan who can only dream of owning their own home or commercial land have been impacted by the steadily rising costs of real estate. The investment by Rudn Enclave is not only doable but also a fantastic opportunity to have modern amenities for a very low cost.

Rudn Enclave NOC

Due to the fact that investors are wary of taking part in schemes without a Rudn Enclave NOC, this is the most commonly asked question regarding Rudn Enclave. However, it is crucial to realise that a housing project needs to secure over a dozen NOCs and permits, including those from WASA, Environment, Electricity, and Gas, and that doing so requires a lot of time and effort.

It will take a few weeks or months to get final approval from Rawalpindi Development Authority because Rudn Enclave is a new home development. The organization has completed all criteria and submitted land papers to RDA, and there are some extremely encouraging developments regarding RDA NOC on the horizon.

According to the amendments that the current government proposed in June 2020, each development authority, including the RDA, CDA, LDA, and FDA, must issue a no-objection certificate (NOC) for a new residential project within 60 days of receiving it, unless there is a valid reason for rejection or delay. As a result, we may predict that Rudn Enclave NOC will be given out by December 2021.

RUDN Enclave Rawalpindi
Rudn Enclave NOC


Anyone could find anything they need or want in society. The developers diligently worked on each and every aspect of their action plan while keeping everything in sight. Investors should therefore give this plan in Islamabad serious consideration because it stands out and is expanding well.

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