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Short Treks Near Bangalore

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Bangalore is also known by the name of “Garden City of India” is one of the most ideal locations for those seeking weekend treks. The mild tropical climate of Bangalore is the ideal location for hiking. The geographical location of Bangalore is situated in the manner that there are several plateaus in the area with a variety of species of flora and fauna. Therefore, I’ve offer a few short hikes that are available in Bangalore that you can do during the weekends with your family or your friends.

The list of places are:

1.ChitraDurga Fort

ChitraDurga Fort is 200 Km away from Bangalore situated at an elevation of 3202ft above sea-level. The difficulty of the trek is moderate to easy. It is possible to go on the trek with family members or friends too. It is situated in the district of Chitradurga and lies on the banks of the river Vedavati. The major attraction of this fort is the fact that it was home to 19 gateways and 38 gates with posters with 35 hidden entrances, and four invisibly accessible entrances. The view one enjoys when they climb all the way to the fort is deserves the effort. It is possible to spot beers as well as leopards on evening treks here. The most memorable thing is the highest part within The hadimba temple.

You can also enjoy Uttari betta trek which is also in Bangalore, its a very fun trek if you do it with friends and family.

2. Halu Chilume Ganga temple

It is located about 60km away of Bangalore at an elevation of 3310 feet over sea level. The difficulty of the hike ranges from moderate to easy. It is situated inside the area in Mallasandra in Bangalore. It is a straightforward path that has lots of fun along the way. The climate of the area is such that you’ll find the same vegetation throughout the year, no matter what day of the week you arrive. It is more appealing during the monsoon , when the sweet aroma of lemongrass is evident. Another thing to note is the location of the bells on the rock formations in a clump around the site of worship, making it more intriguing.

3. Pattabhi Rama temple

It lies about 55km away far from Bangalore at an elevation approximately 3000 feet over sea level. The trek’s difficulty is not too difficult. It is situated in Ramanagara that is known as the city of silk that is famous for its silk market. One time, some of these hills known as Ramagiri was used for filming scenes for the film Sholay located 4 km far from Ramanagara town. The temple was in honor of Lord Rama which was constructed in it’s time of the Vijayanagar Empire. It is also known for its fishing sites and rock climbing, all of that are within close proximity to each other , attracting thousands of tourists each year.

4. Kunti Betta

Kunti Betta is located 122Km away from Bangalore located at 2880 feet above sea-level. The trek’s difficulty is moderate. The place is well-known because it was the location in which the pandavas finished their 14 years of exile during Mahabharata’s epic Mahabharata. It is often referred to as Pandavapura. It is a moderate trek that takes a day to complete. We are able to reach it from the base within two minutes of climbing. It is also known for stunning lakes, forest treks with rappelling, rock climbing and a waterfall that are all in the same area. The ideal time to visit the area is between May and October. The well-known Thonnur Lake is also located within this region It is located approximately 4 kilometers.

5. Channakeshava Betta

It is situated about 60 kilometers away from Bangalore at an altitude of around 1350ft over sea level. It is among the shorter treks that are available close to Bangalore that is approximately 3Km and can take around two hours to complete and is one of the shorter walks. The channagiri also called Channakeshavabetta, is the most well-known hill within the Nandi hills. Nandi hills. It is home to an antiquated Omkareshwar temple on the summit that is a popular tourist attraction. There is also an Pinakini River located in north, which makes it more fascinating to observe the scene. In the monsoon season, the hike becomes more difficult because of the thorns as well as plants we encountered in the area, which are extremely prolific during monsoon seasons.

These are among the top short Treks offered close to Bangalore which you can visit on weekends to set yourself away from the hectic schedule of city life, and enjoy nature.

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