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Should foreigners in Singapore opt for special health insurance plans? 

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According to experts, Singapore has one of the best healthcare systems. The health care facilities are easy to adapt to. Singapore has over 270 licensed pharmacies and 6200 clinics if you are a foreigner. If you are a foreigner, you can easily enjoy the healthcare facilities provided by Singapore, but for that, you need to do some extensive research.

Singapore healthcare is not entirely free and is somewhat similar to the US healthcare system. Several health insurances cover medical expenses, and you must choose the right one. Health insurance Singapore for foreigners provides easy purchase of private medical insurance. Several comprehensive insurance packages provide coverage for the expensive medical treatments in that country.

Why should you need a special health insurance plan if you are a foreigner?

As a foreigner, you may find it very difficult to find proper health insurance packages as foreigners do not get government-subsidized medical insurance. This is why public hospital expenses can rise as much as private hospital expenses. Therefore, it is important that, as a foreigner, you opt for a special health insurance package other than the one that your employer provides.

You can opt for an integrated shield plan to cover your medical expenses. An Integrated Shield Plan is an optional health insurance package provided by private insurance companies. Since Government medical subsidies will not be extended to you, Integrated Shield Plans are a must.

The Integrated Shield plans provide a comprehensive plan regarding your and your family’s health along with a clear understanding of the medical insurance system of Singapore. Along with your health, your child also needs strong health insurance, as MediShield will not cover it. IP provides many comprehensive plans for your child.

Health insurance Singapore for foreigners also covers up to 95% expenses of the hospital bills, thus taking most of the medical expenses off your shoulders. Also, several companies offer discounts for insurance plans when they have not been claimed yet. Due to the comprehensive and clear schemes, you can choose the policy suitable to your income and need. Many company schemes also provide separate annual coverage for cancer treatment. IP also covers pre and post-hospitalization bills, with many schemes providing post-hospitalization bills for 365 days.

Thus, as a foreigner, you can get all the benefits of Singapore Healthcare facilities through the Integrated Shield plans.

However, you need to check the insurance policies and try to cut down the high premium value and get the most out of the insurance package. Moreover, you also need to keep in mind the co-payment portion while choosing an IP. A co-payment portion refers to the portion of the medical bill that the IP will not cover, and you have to pay it yourself. Hence, it is wise to choose an IP that will expect you to pay the least amount of co-payment possible.

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How to get the best of the IP? 

Conducting good research on the Singapore Healthcare system will provide you with an idea of the average medical expenses one needs to go through. You must make a good plan about what kind of insurance you need, whether for grownups, a child or a scheme that covers the entire family and how much co-payment you would be able to pay. Choose an IP company that meets all your demands and needs.

It is better if you can go for an IP scheme that provides you with a premium discount in case you didn’t claim the insurance so that you can get at least 20% of premium savings. Also, it is convenient if you have a supplementary rider.

You may also come across a question of which kind of IP plan to choose, whether it should be the best quality IP or a basic one. If you are a beginner at any job, then it’s best that you at least choose the basic IP package to cover the minimal hospital bills. The insurance schemes will also depend on whether you choose private or public hospitals.

Thus, health insurance in Singapore for foreigners covers a significant portion of the expensive medical bills. If you are a foreigner, you must opt for a special one to get more benefits.


The above-written article provides a glimpse of the healthcare facility systems of Singapore. The healthcare expense is somewhat similar to that of the US, and therefore the expenses are high. There are Government subsidies provided for the citizens, but foreigners must opt for special health insurance policies, namely integrated shield plans. Health insurance in Singapore for foreigners covers almost 95% of the hospital bills if chosen by the right company. However, you need to be cautious while choosing the correct IP that is suitable to your income, and you must get the best out of it with less co-payment and a discount on premiums.

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