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Silver Jewelry Cleaning is Surprisingly Easy

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If you run an independent jewelry store, you understand how crucial it is to keep each item in your collection looking lovely and glossy.

Customers still seek out sterling silver jewelry manufacturers because of its alluring shine and color and because it offers the best value of all the precious metals in jewelry making, even though silver requires a little more upkeep and cleaning than other metals.

The good news is that cleaning sterling silver jewelry is quite easy and only calls for a jewelry polishing cloth. 

The Key is to Maintain the Components by Giving Them Regular Polishing

Because of handling and wear and tear, silver can get dirty and tarnished.

When silver jewelry is displayed to clients, handling, shipment, and even wear and tear can all cause it to get dirty. In addition, as oxygen and sulfur in the air interact with silver, tarnish eventually develops as sulfur binds to the silver’s surface.

The Best Strategy is to Prevent and Limit Tarnishing and Staining

When not in use or on display, silver jewelry should be kept in a sealed bag to prevent tarnishing and preserve its shiny appearance. This limits how much oxygen and airborne sulfur it is exposed to. Silver jewelry must be dry before storing in a zippered container since water exposure can tarnish silver.

Always Use a Polishing Cloth to Clean Your Silver Jewelry

Use a jewelry cleaning cloth with two sheets for the best results while cleaning silver jewelry:

  • The outer layer is used for buffing, 
  • While the inner layer includes special chemicals that will whiten silver and make it look brand new.

A single cloth can be used dozens of times, silver can be kept shining, and its patina will not be harmed by hand polishing. The only technique required to maintain the appearance of your inventory is routine hand polishing using a jewelry cleaning cloth.

Do Serious Cleaning? Learn What the Professionals Do

A jewelry polishing cloth might not be quick, comprehensive, or effective enough if you have a lot of neglected pieces that need major cleaning.

Consider utilizing a jewelry ultrasonic cleaner in these situations. Two essential elements are needed for ultrasonic cleaning:

  • A Tank for Cleaning; and 
  • The Cleaning Agent

The cleaning tank emits high-frequency sound waves, causing the fluid to scrape. This technique can quickly remove impurities from silver jewelry without affecting the metal’s finish.

Stay Away From Activities That Could Scratch or Damage Your Jewelry

It is strongly advised against cleaning your silver jewelry using a toothbrush or any other item with bristles. Because silver is such a delicate metal, it easily scratches and loses value. 

Additionally, washing stainless steel and sterling silver jewelry together is terrible because this will cause chemical reactions that will leave sterling silver jewelry with black markings. 

Additionally, phosphate-containing soap might cause your sterling silver jewelry to turn brown. Overall, use caution while utilizing consumer-grade, over-the-counter silver cleaning products because, occasionally, they might have unintended consequences and cause more harm than good.

A Valuable Nugget of Traditional Knowledge

In the medical field, a saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Surprisingly, this also holds for Jewelry Retouching Services that sparkles and seems brand-new. A well-made piece of silver jewelry will keep its beauty and shine for decades with appropriate care and simply a cheap jewelry polishing cloth.

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