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10 Easy but Effective Strength Training You Can Do at Home

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Many people look for strength training that can be done at home Because they don’t have time to go to the gym and perform these exercises. So here is the list of strength training exercises at home that will help you get stronger in no time while keeping you in the comfort zone of home.

1. Lunges

 Lounges are one of the most straightforward strength Training that you can perform in your home at any time. It is designed to build your leg, back, and core muscles. Try its different variation if you feel a regular lunge is too easy to build up some other muscles.  Do it daily and feel the difference in your muscles as the days go by.

2. KettleBell Workout

 A kettlebell workout is performed with a weight that helps your muscles to stretch and build your core and shoulder muscles. It also contributes to increasing the flow of blood within your body and provides strength to your pelvic muscles. You can do this exercise at home. Just lift the bell and swing it around while keeping your legs apart. Kettlebell is a simple weight training but doesn’t swing the ball too hard initially; otherwise, it can injure you.

3. Plank 

Another Strength Training Workout is Plank that has an extensive effect on your body. Planks help your core, back, and pelvic muscles to become stronger. Its impact on pelvic floor muscles also makes it one of the Commonly used Sex Exercises that help you perform in bed. It also helps in blood flow and body strength.  To complete the Plank, lie down on your stomach, slowly raise your body, maintain it straight, hold it upright for a couple of seconds and return to the initial position.

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4. Squat and High Rise 

  Squats are the most manageable strength workouts that you can do at your home quickly. It works on your legs and increases its strength. You can also combine it with a high rise to increase its effectiveness towards your core muscles. Just simply squat, and when you rise, stretch your body upward to complete the exercise. If This method is easy for you, grab some weights in your hands to increase its intensity.

5. Pushups 

 Pushups are Strength training that does not require any equipment, just the floor. To perform pushups, lie down on the floor with your stomach, slowly move your body up, and bring it down. This motion will help you provide chest and core muscle strength. If you feel standard pushups are easy for you, increase or decrease your arms’ distance to make it difficult.


6. SuperMan

 Superman is a pose that helps you build core and back muscles. It also helps you in losing back fat by stretching the muscles. Just lie down on your stomach and raise your hands and legs like superman while balancing your body on your stomach. You may face some difficulties initially, but as your body’s strength improves, you will get comfortable in it.

7. Cobra Pose 

 Cobra pose is another pose in strength training that will help build strength in core and back muscles. To perform the cobra pose, lie down to your stomach, slowly raise your upper body in the shape of a cobra, hold for a few seconds, and return to the original position. 

8. Sit-ups 

Sit-Ups are easy to perform strength training exercises that can be done at home. Lie down on your back, bend your knees, then slowly raise your body towards your knees and return to the original position. This exercise will provide your core muscles immense strength if done daily. If you feel bored with regular sit-ups, you can add side sit-ups to your routine to increase the challenge in your workout.

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9. Bridge Exercises

Bridge exercises are another set of exercises that provide strength to your lower back and pelvic muscles. To perform a bridge, lie down on a floor with your back facing the floor and bend your knees slowly raise your lower body and bring it to an aline with your upper body and hold then slowly return to your original position. 

10. Burpee

 Burpee is a Combination of squat, Pushups, and High rise, and it is the best Strength training exercise that provides strength to your whole body muscles. So performing burpee daily will surely help you achieve your goals faster. But do not perform it at the beginning of your training; always use it in the end to get more effective results.

Bottom Line

I hope you find this list of strength training helpful. Many of these exercises are well known around the world, but still, many people avoid them. Therefore start with the easiest and then move to the tough ones.

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